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The Beautiful Sights of Nanxi River in Zhejiang

 2014-05-11    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1986  

Located within Yongjia County in northeast Zhejiang Province, the Nanxi River is 26 kilometers away from Wenzhou City, to the east lies Yandang Mountains, to its west is the Xiandu Scenic Area and to the north is the Xianju Scenic Area. The overall length of its mainstream is 145 kilometers, presenting river valley landform landscapes. The rare tree species under special state protection like Taiwan Fagus longipetiolata, maidenhairtree and West China Pterocarya stenoptera are mainly distributed along the river.

The natural scenic spot in the Nanxi River is miraculous and unique, the neighboring of green waters and ancient structures, the native scene is beautiful, the landscape combination is unique. Ancient village of the Nanxi River, it's not only the result that accumulates with the time, but also the essence of the regional culture. It has become a representative of Chinese ancient village, fetching more and more tourism researchers.

The sites consist of great species diversity and community diversity, natural ecosystems with well protected secondary growth for comprehensive and multi-principle research; especially the well protected gingko tree has a critical position for research on the evolution of paleophyte. Here you could catch sight of the river that followed its wandering course, ringed by mountains; the cliff stands in great numbers, well preserved ancient residence and a school of ancient village in mountainous area rural scenery.

The scenic area with stability of structure also have totally preserved for the long-term many rare and precious animal species. The area of remarkable physical beauty, natural diversity and numerous humane scenes has been listed as scenic spots and tourist resorts on the provincial and municipal level. The forest ecosystem here that is typically zonal forest vegetation communities is well preserved.

There are many picturesque rocks and perilous peaks dotted around like stars in the sky, including the Furong Triangle Rock with deep pools, the Lion Rock with natural potted landscape, the Twelve Peaks with fleecy white clouds hovering round and many more. Most of them are secluded and elegant caves. Wherever you look, you see ponds and waterfalls in the upper reaches of the Nanxi River, such as the Baizhang Waterfall, the Lianhua Waterfall that shaped like lotus crashed on the rocks and many more. Crowds of attractions with more charm and personality along the bank and the charming legends about them indeed captivate tourists.

Old Village of the Nanxi River and its surroundings has been well preserved up till the present moment, like the ancient villages that were built depending on the design concepts of the Seven Stars & Eight Diagrams. Apart from that, the old villages also contain great quantities of family trees, making them treasuries of ancient Chinese historical civilization, and thousands of ancient constructions have been preserved.

The large quantities of valuable historical and cultural relics allow visitors to get a general picture that shed precious light on life in primitive Chinese Clan society, with men fishing and hunting, and women doing housework and collecting vegetables and fruits. It is the most ingenious humane tourist resources, which attracts visitors.

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