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The Beautiful Wulagai Grassland

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Recently the movie Wolf Totem is a hit in China. It tells a story about how local Mongolian nomads fight with wolves in order to survive. Besides the thrilling story, people are also attracted by the breathtaking beauty of Wulagai Grassland where the movie was shot. The grassland is really vast and beautiful, and it has evoked passion for people to see and admire its real beauty.

Poster of the movie Wolf Totem.


Wulagai Grassland is located in northeast of Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Wulagai means “ancient tribe” in Mongolian. The grassland covers a vast land of 5,013 square kilometers.


As the natural grassland that has well-preserved its ecological environment, Wulagai Grassland is characterized with unique grassland landscapes, such as pristine meadows, rivers, wetland, birch forest, and grooves. Also Wulagai boasts rich flora and fauna, and mineral resources.



The Wulagai River that flows through the grassland is a major site in the grassland. It not only provides water resources to the grass and animals, also the river breeds the nomadic people and the culture born there. There are lakes and springs formed by the river are scattered in the grassland and they bring extra charm to the grassland.


There is a special group of people living at Wulagai Grassland, the Wuzhu Muqin tribe. The Wuzhu Muqin is the last remaining nomadic tribe in China. This Mongolian tribe still remains ancient nomadic lifestyle. They also keep their unique culture and customs, making them mysterious to the modern world outside the grassland. Many visitors will visit local Wuzhu Muqin family to learn and enjoy their unique culture.


The best time to visit Wulagai Grassland is from May to October when grasses are fresh and green, flowers are in bloom, and sheep and cows are lively. At Wulagai there is international archery competition held these recent years. Also the grassland holds regular activities including grassland hiking, horse racing and wrestling.


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