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The Beauty of Benzilan in Yunnan

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A Benzilan word in Tibetan is the beautiful sandbar meaning. Benzilan is located in the Deqin County, Diqing State of Yunnan Province, at the foot of the vast expanse of white snow mountains, on the west bank of Jinsha Jiang, just on opposite side of Shangri-La County and Derong County in Sichuan Province. The Area is easily accessible via State Highway 214 that runs through the area in the north-south direction. 

It is the necessary way of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road which is one famous "Tea and Horse Old Way" in history to traverse through Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet of China to Southeast Asia and South Asia. The abundant tourist resources, fresh and lovely environment, unique geographic location and convenient transportation make Benzilan a potential tourist attraction.

The Jinsha River around the Benzilan area had the angry torrent rolling thunderously for thousands of miles, while the surface of river in its lower reaches is open and clear you could view the most tranquil scene with the river flowing leisurely and placidly into the distance, and the red sun makes the placid river gleam like glass.

Benzilan would be a typical example of the climate diversity in the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas that is the wonderful geological landscape as geological traces of the world natural heritage. Despite the fact that the crow flight distance is not more than 110 kilometers by comparison with Dulong River with the annual precipitation reaching 4,600 mm, the annual rainfall of Benzilan here is only 374 mm.

It's the typical dry-hot valley climate of the Jinsha River. The ICUN experts of the world natural heritage do a lot of field work and said that it's really one of nature's wonders since that the annual rainfall has diverged so widely as short as this kind of distance.

We all know that Diqing County is well known for its coldness. Be that as it may, Benzilan that is situated on the way to Meili Mountain is well-known for its hotness. For example, when Diqing had the heavy fall of snow in winter, the weather in Benzilan is the scorching sun directly overhead. As a well-known crossing of Ancient Tea-Horse Trading Road, it is without doubt a throat point of northwest Yunnan, Tibet and Sichuan.

You could reach in Sichuan province if you went up to the north against the Jinsha River. Going down the trail along the Jinsha River, you can arrive in Yunnan. Furthermore, the famous Shangri—la county and Lijiang are on its southeast side. Benzilan naturally becomes the pre-eminent gateway to the traffic since that it is convenient in traffic and predominant in geographical position.

The government of the Qing dynasty had finally decided to set up a special ferry and dispatched troops to garrison the ferry. Nowadays, a famous Fulong Bridge that spanned across the Jinsha River has been constructed in Benzilan to make it much more convenient for communicating and friendly intercourse. Up to the present time, Benzilan is still contributing something significant to the transportation.

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