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The Beauty of Cuckoo Lake Scenic Spot

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Cuckoo Lake Scenic Spot takes the artificial lake extending to 7 kilometers as the mainstay, surrounded on all sides by sky-kissing peaks. The smooth surface of the lake is the mist-covered waters. The still water of the lake as clear as a bright mirror reflected the shapely figure of the mountain. Smoke could be seen rising above the mountaintop.

There're great and smooth ripples upon the lake, with the wind blowing steady and gentle. There was no contrariety between that and the current, and the billows rose and fell unbroken. The forest coverage of Cuckoo Lake reaches nearly 90%. A vast amount of pure primary ecological evergreen azaleas stand straight on the mountains.

Still heavily forested, the mountain bursts into bloom every spring flaming with azaleas. Every year from February to May, the flowering azaleas blossomed all over the mountains around the lake. From May to July, people were lucky to gain red bayberries. From July to September, covered all over by wild chestnuts and many migrating birds scattered around the lake, it is a place of great scenic beauty.

All the way up to the summit of the mountain, beautiful pink azaleas are viewed along the path in full bloom. As our way lay a little downhill, various green trees grew wide apart; and even between the clumps of wild flowers and azalea, wide open spaces baked in the hot sunshine.

Cuckoo Lake Scenic Spot is featured by the rare ancient gingko trees of 600 years ago that stands tall and erect with luxuriant foliage. It stands over 40 meters high, with a girth that takes eight pairs of outstretched arms to encircle. This is a giant king of all fir trees which, reputedly more than 400 years old. Visitors could drive the boat built of iron to travel around the lake, or they could ride the roller coasters or the small boat to sail on the lake leisurely. Visitors could disembark from the vessel by the lakeshore, they could have a picnic, go camping or go angling.

Apart from appreciating the beautiful landscape of lakes and hills, visitors were also treated to stroll along the lanes and feast one's eyes on the flowers in the flower district. As winter merges into spring, the flowering azaleas turn fiery-red, splashing color through the thickly forested hills. My eye is captured by the clumps of flowering azaleas on the beetling cliffs which have been dyed crimson by the green frost till the hill seems one mass of blossoming flower.

There's abundant supply of azaleas in a wide variety of colors. It's quite unusual for visitors to feast their eyes on the beautiful scene. A description in vivid detail about such a beautiful sight is found in the following lines: The mountainside is flooded by a sea of azaleas in spring. Thick and fast come the admirers in visual delight indulging. Apart from many garden hotels and rest houses with beautiful surroundings and with the hill and the lake nearby in the lake district, there're also lovers' houses in timber structure and Mongolian yurts that offer camping out.

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