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The Beauty of Jingyue Lake National Forest Park

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The Jingyue Lake that generally refers to as the Jingyue Lake National Forest Park is situated in the southeast of Changchun City, the capital of Jilin Province, only 18 km away from downtown of Changchun. Its entire area is over 90 square kilometers, and the water surface accounts for 4.3 square kilometers.

With forest coverage reaching 80%, the forest inside the park with plenty of shade trees, much grass and lots of cool water in the ponds is all man-made. It comprises of complete forestry ecological systems of 30 forest tree species. It is worldwide famous for its magic mountains, elegant water, tranquil forest and special scenes.

The park takes the good forest ecological environment as the mainstay, accompanied by many cultural sites like the green pine trees, clean moon, magic tower, Taiping clock tower and many more. It has been long reputed as the twin-lake with the Sun-Moon Lake in Taiwan. Moreover, the lake has been listed as a national-level scenic site by the State Council and a national key scenic spots designated by the state in China. The terrain of here is strategically situated.

A stunning sight greets his eyes wherever one comes to visit here, but from the way all these spectacular sights are grouped together by nature, the scenic area might be divided into 4 main scenic spots, including mountains on the north, forests on the south, Moon Lake and village on the east. The forests and wild flowers stretch for hundreds of miles along the lake side, which makes the lake be rich in wild animal and plant resources.

The entire park lies in the temperate semi-humid monsoon climate with agreeable weather and four distinct seasons, which is the important district for forest growing in China, the coldest in January with lowest temperature of -22.4℃ and the hottest in July with the highest temperature of 28.3℃. Its average yearly precipitation is 654.3 millimeters. The depth of snow in the cold winter is about 30 centimeters. There's a bathing forest in the deep of the forest that could provide you with a pleasure you never want to give up.

The environment of air in the forest is quite fresh and clean due to the large amount of negative ion of oxygen in the air which the content is 400 times of common air within the city limits. It draws millions of tourists to come to visit the "Natural Oxygen Bar." It is an ideally perfect place to go for spring outing, keep from sunstroke in summer, see red leaves in autumn, and go skiing in winter. Visitors prefer to go boating on the Jingyue Lake, enjoying the beautiful scenery and watching fish darting about.

The Jingyue Lake abounds in a great number of tourist resources including mild climate, hot spring, fascinating landscape and various biological resources. Tourists could luxuriate in the hot baths to their heart's content. Various tourist resources like this have no doubt added to the charm of the Jingyue Lake and made it more attractive to tourists.

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