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The Beauty of Qingshitan Reservoir

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The Qingshitan Reservoir is located in the Qingshitan Town, Lingchuan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. The Qingshitan Reservoir is one large scale project with comprehensive functions like power generation, flood prevention, water supply, shipping and sightseeing, and with the principal function of irrigation. Its total holding capacity of well is over 0.6 billion cu m. In total, the Qingshitan Reservoir accounts for an area of 170 square kilometers with a lake area of about 30 square kilometers.

The Qingshitan Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Northern Guangxi, and the first lake zone in some southern provinces of China. The Qinshitan Reservoir is the largest natural and ecological preservation zone near Guilin. The Qingshitan Reservoir got its name because there is a green mountain resembling a lion by the lake, hence the name as "Qingshitan."

There are many high peaks, deep canyons and more than 20 different fish swimming in the crystal clear waters, and many small islands deeply rooted and widely distributed in the lakes. The natural area also contained a large number of beautifully preserved primitive forests as well. A bird's-eye view of the whole region of the Qingshitan scenic zone must then have offered one vast expanse of woods which were populated with all kinds of wild life. Thus it's an environment hospitable to wild life.

On entering the famous Qingshitan Reservoir, one can enjoy the immense expanse of misty and rolling waters. Its beautiful surrounding scenery and its reflection matched beautifully in the limpid shimmering reservoir. The azure waters of Qingshitan Reservoir and bamboo forest are interlaced with each other, which seems to melt into one another. What an eyeful of green landscape of lakes and hills there is! There's the large concentration of oxygen anion within tourist resort area.

The air freshened and shared the flavor of green trees in Qingshitan Reservoir is owing to the large amount of negative ion of oxygen in the air which the content is 56 times than the downtown of common air. The boundless expanse of water near the surface of the reservoir is bespangled with Dong Jiang scenic area, Dragon Cave and Elephant Hill, which are the extraordinary scenic spots along the river.

There're breathtaking sights in all four seasons. As autumn draws near, the maple leaves tinged with autumn red had fallen and they lined the path along the river. The hills flaming with maple leaves would be covered with the same color. The prospect from the mountaintop was breathtaking that it might not have its equal in the world. Qingshitan is framed like a bright pearl in its setting of the beautiful Guilin City with many fantastically beautiful mountains and waters.

Since that there are many and varied villages of ethnic minority groups inside the reservoir. And the local people had a unique life-style. It's a unique and distinctive place to live. Here you could have more opportunities to experience many of life's wonders including a smaller number of different elegant demeanor, foreign character and style. 

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