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The Breathtaking Scene of Red Beach in Liaoning

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The famous Red Beach scenic spot is situated in the Panjin City, Liaoning Province and occupying an area of over 200,000 mu. It makes the outstanding feature of rare and renowned red beach in the whole world. It’s widely regarded as the best preserved and the largest wetland resources throughout the world.

With the background setting of the largest reed marshes all over the world, as well as the boundless and mist-shrouded reed sea, tens of thousands of waterfowls, the boundless expanse of shallow offshore waters and beaches, all of them make Red Beach become purely natural green tourist ecological system that is the perfect combination of natural environment and unique human landscape. The tourist ecological system which has achieved the acme of perfection sufficiently presents the active enchantment of nature. It is often likened to the only place where boasts the natural scenery of red spring in the universe.

Red Beach is the spectacular sight of nature which not only forests a sense of wonder, but confirms its life and explosive vitality. The washing of the sea and the silting of the beach is the premise upon which the Red Beach depends for existence. The penetration of the base and the infiltration of salt are the prerequisites that the Red Beach is aflame with the glory of the morning.

From the reception centre of the Red Beach scenic spot to the main scenic area is still a long road, which you would pass by the wide reed marshes as far as the eye could see, waterfowl garden, Yueya Beach Wetland Park, and at last reach your final destination of Red Beach that has since ancient times been considered a spectacular sight.

Red Beach is woven by the individually delicate sea-blite plants that cover the alkaline beach as of brilliant corals, dyeing the entire beach red. The sea-blite plant is the type of grass that is in its element in saline-alkali soil, also the only kind of grass that could survive in saline-alkali soil. They are visible in every year from April to October, it springs from the ground in April, and its color is pink-tipped at first and deepens gradually, from red to purple in October.

Without seeding and cultivation, the sea-blite plants in groves are in the continuous cycle of worldly existence, to the endless round of birth and death in the saline-alkali soil year after year. Time slipped by. They brewed the patches of fiery red gloss of life. These mineral efficient herbs with delicate branches are over an inch in the height.

The slender and mellow leaves and tender and delicate plants could add to each other's splendor, and are all the more exquisitely wrought and extraordinarily beautiful in the sunshine. So rich and fleecy were the outlines of the plants, that scarce an opening could be seen. Fiery red and smooth plains of plants are like the great red carpet, from a distance they gave the appearance of a red carpet on top of which the beachside had been spread. 

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