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The Canton Tower

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Do you like travelling? Nowadays, travelling is no long a single hobby in many people’s mind, but a kind of knowledge. An idiom once said all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So to spend several days on a merry journey, you may feel totally refreshed and encounter a better yourselves. Today, let’s explore Canton Tower in Yangcheng(Guangzhou).

Canton Tower, topped out in 2009, has soon become spectacular landmark architecture of Yangcheng. Constructed by Shanghai Construction Group, it is 600 meters above sea level, ranking as the highest TV tower in the world and the tallest structure in China. Canton Tower has a cute nickname called “slim waist”(Chinese:小蛮腰) in the local area, because the middle part of it is designed slim. When you see Canton Tower quietly from a distance, it looks like a slim and graceful girl which may impress you deeply.

Could you image how high 600 meters is? Now let’s hurry up to experience it by ourselves. High-speed double-deck elevators are available in Canton Towner, so when you step into the elevator, our marvelous tour begins. It usually takes you about ten minutes to get to the top of the tower and the elevators have clear transparent glass door for sightseeing. While the elevator flies, fantastic shrinking view of Yangcheng will come into your sight.

The thrilling tourist hall is located on the top of Canton Tower, which is also regarded as the highest point of Yangcheng. Once you enter the hall, the breathtaking and enchanting view of the whole city may attract your eyes quickly through the clash style 360° circular ground glass. For those non-acrophobia people, the transparent viewing corridor should never be missed. Just close the eyes and walk slowly to the middle of transparent viewing corridor, then open the eyes and look down through glass floor under your feet, you will find yourselves walking in the air. Blue sky and cozy clouds are always on your side. Never be surprised or doubt, it is not a fairy dream, but the reality.

In January 2011, the skywalk ladder of Canton Tower was opened to the public, attracting millions of tourists from home and abroad. It is said that it is the highest and longest skywalk ladder in the world up till now. The skywalk ladder, about 334.4 meters above the sea level, is firmly tucked between the 33rd and 36th Floor. Transparent glass floor is also the highlight of this skywalk ladder, because you can see the buildings and traffic below clearly. If you feel a little bit tired, comfortable resting areas are offered in Floor 42, 54 and 62. You can find a suitable place to sit down, get something to drink and take some beautiful photographs.

Are you tired of being tired? Why not has a short trip to Canton Tower in Yangcheng? You can not only appreciate the remarkable city landscape, but also walking in the air. This amazing trip will definitely not disappoint you down.

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