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The Charm of Maolan National Nature Reserve

 2014-05-11    Young    Sights    Guizhou    2594  

Maolan National Nature Reserve, located in the southeast of Libo County, south of Guizhou Province and occupying an area of over twenty-thousand hectares. The key protection species include karst forest, precious and rare animals and plants.

The area lies in the south wing of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, belong to the tropical monsoon moist climate with mild climate, plenty of rainfall and four distinct seasons. With overlapping steep peaks, intercrossing rivers and streams, dense wilderness forests and deep gorges, the scenic spot is an ideal place for various wild animals to live and inhabit.

The formation of karst physiognomy in China like mountains, water, forest, cave, waterfall and rock, could be intermingled with each other in a harmonious way. It perfectly represents the perfect unity and the magical features of the karst forest ecological environment with extreme nicety! Especially for its well-preserved karst forest, which has a splendor that matches in beauty and scale of country's natural wonders, is the characteristic precious forest resources with the same latitudinal zone in the world. It has significant value for researching the formation of karst landforms, geohydrologic benefits and forestry community.

Maolan National Nature Reserve is well known in the world for its wildness, peculiarity and beauty. Located in middle subtropical zone, its karst landforms in various sizes and shapes are very representative, tier upon tier of depressions and spiking, and present the rare karst peak cluster landscape. Depending on an analysis, on the ground fully pile up the falling leaves and average annual precipitation reaches over 1,700 millimeters. The main reservoir of its water is all surface and near-surface terrestrial water, the spring and underground river. Abundant rainfall and temperate climate offers favorable conditions and broad prospects for the growing of vegetation there.

The nature reserve is a perfect place to develop ecotourism thanks to its diverse and unique species, rich cultures, and varied scenery. Maolan National Nature Reserve exhibits abundant biological resources, among which higher plant specimens account for more than 500 including most rare and precious species like ginkgo, Chinese tulip and a variety of Libo bamboo that is the one and only in China.

There the tall trees, dense thickets and dense growth of canes of varied fineness, are indistinguishably mingled with one another. The moss-grown fantastic mountain and weird stones are well worth appreciating. The peculiar natural images do contribute positively to vividly unfolding the secret of karst area, which without doubt constitutes a picturesque style of karst forest landscape with world -class karst cave and doline.

Maolan National Nature Reserve is well known throughout the world for its unique karst forest. Abundant ecological tourism resources and the colorful and brilliant natural views are not only the result of gradual development of natural history, but also one of a handful of the world's great natural resources museums, which contains complex or abstruse scientific contents. Visitors could feast their eyes on the charming scenery and appreciate the ancient national cultural landscape of diverse styles. There was something about a well-planned trip to Maolan area that was very difficult to pass up. 

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