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The Charm of Reed Lake in Sichuan

 2014-06-16    Young    Sights    Jiuzhaigou    1339  

When you arrive at the Natural Scenic Spots of Jiuzhaigou, the first lake that catches the eye is the Reed Lake. Its highest comes to 2,140 meters above sea level, stretching over 2.2 kilometers. The famous Reed Lake is one half-swamp lake. The vast expanses of marsh that used to abound with reeds had become one of the most famous sight spots in the Jiuzhaigou nature reserve.

Thousands of waterfowl breed round the lake and fly freely in broad daylight. And it's widely recognized as the perfect habitat for aquatic birds. These green trees and clear streams, in a place seldom trodden by the foot of man, are unreached by swirling dust. The stream meandered gently through a clump of trees. How splendid the land that abounds in rivers and lakes! Tumbling like the waves of the ocean, the reeds heave and roll, following each other in an endless procession, from time to time giving the impression of a vast snow-and ice-bound field in motion.

When you travel through the lush and verdant landscape of the lake, with a refreshing cool breeze and green waves, your soul could be stirred with their beauty. When the sound of a gust of wind rustling through the Reed Lake with the sweet and poetic scenery, one will feel blissfully relaxed and refreshed.

With the summer flowers in bloom, around the lake another scene was beginning to enact. The Reed Lake with rush flowers would blow in the breeze and the leaves turn yellow like a Great Wall of reeds. The whole Reed Lake is filled with new life and crash into the cadence of the poem with its gentle style, its harmonious rhyme.

The Reed Lake full of reeds and waving in the wind is the major breeding grounds for waterfowl. For the reason that it has high altitude of over 2,140 meters, the reeds here are not so tall comparing to that at lower altitude. The extraordinary thing was that there is a flyaway ribbon of bright water that wound its way through the reeds and divided the Reed Lake into two parts.

Since that the color of the water band looks like Chinese beautiful jade with lovely gloss and light color, the water band is named as the Jade River. People are saying that the water band was the belt of the mountain goddess, Yaoluo Semo. During the warmth of spring all the flowers bloom, many reeds speared out of the earth, by and by the green boughs glittered with all their pearls of dew as ever. On scrutiny, they proved to be the oceans actually form one continuous body of water.

The freshness of the wood-flowers looks like being bespangled with stars among the bulrushes. The whole Reed Sea is so full of vitality and dynamic in spring. The unequivocal flatness of the Reeds Sea came almost as a shock. The sea breeze blowing from the valley felt especially refreshing, as spectacular as the sea, thus we habitually refer to as the Reed Lake. 

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