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The Charm of Spruce Meadow in Yunnan

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Located at the foot of the eastern foothills of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and on the bottom right hand side of Snow Mountain highest peak, Spruce Meadow is also named as the third kingdom to die for love" in a dialect. The Spruce Meadow with the altitude of 3,240 feet above sea-level is one sacred land to people of Naxi nationality. Drive north along the motorway for 25 kilometers to the snow mountain park, one is in the region of a great stretch of high mountain meadow, this is the Ganhaizi where is the lush green natural meadow pastures.

The foothills began as gentle rolls in the pastures. Broad meadow where is fringed with individual low shrubby pine trees stretch out as far as the eye can see. An unimpeded sweep of pastures that nestle in the landscape of unspoilt natural beauty and marvelous mountain splendor could afford a peaceful and tranquil setting. The individual poephagus gruniens are partly hidden and partly visible, which presents a beautiful landscape of highland pasture.

It's considered as the entrance of "the third kingdom of Jade Dragon" in the myths and legends of Naxi nationality. The magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is only around the corner. The glacial ices with thousands of years become clearly visible. Apart from appreciating the mighty Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, enjoy the primitive forest of rare beauty-wild and secluded.

From the information collected, "the third kingdom of Jade Dragon" could have everything that one expects to find. Visitors could take a cable car built on the White Water River Village to the top of the mountain, it only takes ten minutes and effort to send you to the destination and then you can walk along the plank road that had be laid through the mazes of the forest or ride the local rented horse to anther wonderful landscape of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain- Spruce Meadow.

Visitors sallied out into the Spruce Meadow mainly for feeling about highland pasture, alpine meadow and the touching legend of "the third kingdom of Jade Dragon". Around the Spruce Meadow is the renowned snow mountain that looks like a lacquer screen inlaid carved jade, high in the smooth ocean of sky while the spruces are embracing the magic Snow Mountain. The spruces stretch itself through the dense setting of woods and are believed to resemble a clear jade ribbon.

The Spruce Meadow covered by green and luxuriant vegetation can be likened as a shimmering snow mountain of motion in a tranquil lake of blues and greens, as of the natural paradise with unspoiled beauty. You get the best view over the cubical landscape and the surrounding pine-covered mountains from the Belvedere. The four seasons have different colors here.

The expanse of verdant grass extends to the distant horizon in the spring and summer, and there's amid carpets of wild flowers and thick green vegetation. A grand and almost untrodden yellow field came into view in the autumn. The world of Spruce Meadow would take on a silver color again in the special winter season.

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