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The Charm of Zhuxi Lake in Sichuan

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Zhuxi Lake is one artificial reservoir located at the Zhuxi Valley in the first level branches of Nan River in Qionglai City. It's only 8 kilometers away from the downtown of Qionglai City. The lake resembles the mirror for people to make up; while the mountains like the face as fair as a flowering lily. The storing rainfall area of Zhuxi Lake is about 12 square kilometers, among which the water surface accounts for over 600 acres, with the gross storage capacity of three million cubic meters.

The lake is a unique blend of irrigation, flood control, tourism and aquiculture. The lake shaped like the palmate is with green mountains dotted around it here and there. Here the tourists could have one real experience while in the green hills with clean sweet air. It was morning, and the new sun sparkled gold across the great and smooth ripples of a gentle lake.

Since that the green mountains blurry on the water with small waves, its reflection is still more beautiful. In spring butterflies dancing around the lake could really perform the graceful trick of the butterflies and the flowers. There you were lucky to enjoy the peace and quiet, watch the lake flow gently, and listen to the chirps of birds that is the most beautiful and wonderful emissary in universe.

A group of herons flapped slowly off across the lake and migrated together. The harmonious beauty of the landscape will bring you to an also real and unreal world. With profound historical and cultural connotation and typical landscape, Zhuxi Lake is really a tourist attraction and destination for recreational and entertainment, sightseeing and touring.

The name "Zhuxi" derives from its local vernacular name of "Zhuxigou." With green hills and clear waters, green valley and deep caves of enchanting beauty, the fanciful and picturesque place is as though vying with each other in their sublimity and grandeur. Moreover, the beautiful place becomes celebrated for its poems and inscriptions in its praise left behind by scholars and men of letters like Luyou and Weiliaoweng during the two Song dynasties. Zhuxi Lake is famous for its many fascinating natural wonders that have attracted millions of travelers since ancient times.

Here you could walk up along the winding stone staircases among the overfoliaged foothills to the dam where there is the veranda. The sparkling and crystal water from the dam is dashing down to the lake which looked more like a thick mist. Here indeed the crystal clear water could bring with it a myriad of phantasmagoric changes that could make one marvel at this prodigious wonder of nature.

The scenic spot is mainly comprised of three lakes and the innumerable islands. Visitors could have the option of having a boat or yacht ridden on the lake. They could also enjoy the cliff inscriptions of Thousand Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty. Here you could go sit for a bit on the lakefront, tasting teas and playing chess are also without doubt the supreme enjoyments. 

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