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The Colorful Maioer Valley in Xinjiang

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Located at the Maioergou Town in the southern suburbs of Changji City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, about 30 kilometers away from the downtown of Changji city, Maioer Valley has gathered together snow-capped mountains, pine forest, broad prairies and crisscrossed rivers merging into one organic whole. It could provide a strong incentive for the typical enthralling sight of the Tianshan Mountains to all visitors.

At the third grade plantation surface in the upper reaches of Toudun River, large areas of broad prairies with its total area of 100 square kilometers are distributed. The slopes usually in shade are covered with the thick spruce forest. High shady trees with their slim leaves and a dense mass of woodland have created a natural paradise for a considerable amount of wild animals. The steepness of the upper reach of the river is comparable to that of the surrounding mountains.

The waters of the river come pouring down in a waterfall off the hill. On entering into Maioer Valley, you could sense yourself a bit of floating away beyond the limits of the earth. Far out there are the blue sky and white cloud, green hills and clear waters, nearer at hand there are meandering goats and wheeling pastoral song. It's so pure and sweet that you could be completely absorbed in it.

The complete length of the Maioer Valley is about 8 kilometers. Within the boundaries of the valley is surrounded by thick spruce forest and the large stretches of meadows; the fresh spring is flowing by the hillside; the air is usually pure and fresh here and the scenery pleasing. The average temperature in July is just 16 degrees centigrade. Inside there's the bubbling spring beaming with smiles.

Here visitors could enjoy the distant mysterious cascading waterfalls veiled in the mountain mist. The waterfall throws up silvery spray with fine particles of water and then falls like a cascade into a lake, creating a delightful coolness in the air. You could have the option of escaping the summer heat or climbing mountains. If you want to seek a shelter against the heat of the day, then you could go to the Liejia stand to the west of Maioer Valley.

With the beautiful valley standing in a setting of luxuriant tree groves, broad ground and tranquil and serene environment in the fragrant warm breezes of the season, visitors here are greeted with picturesque scenic sights that would no doubt long remain in their memory.

If you'd like to go climbing, just head upstream, the gentle hills affording a good view really resemble a spiritual turtle making its slow way forward. Moreover, you could also picturesque cragged peaks, the hard-featured rocks, the impenetrable forests accompanied by the Chinese juniper on the ground. It's really a good place for mountain climbing.

The indigenous grass species are mostly gramineous plants. The broad Maioer Valley became impregnated with the perfume of the flowers in observance of May and June. Brightly colored beautiful flowers blanketing hill are blooming in a riot of color, which could make the valley more showy and colored. 

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