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The Distinctive Badashanren Hall

 2014-08-08    Young    Sights    Nanchang    1351  

Former Residence of Badashanren also known as the Badashanren Hall is located in Qingyunpu that has the characteristic of beautiful gardens in the lower reaches of Yangtze River. Within the garden were the ancient camphor trees and yew podcarpus for hundreds of years, with green leaves, stately and sturdy branches. These old tree with its roots and trunk in the darksome shade, and its thick branches and leaves seem to blot out the sky.

The dense trees covered the imposing gray brick structure crowned by a dark-gray tile roof, looking quite antique in style. The watery skylight rested on the path through the thick leaves in blurred and desultory gleam. The twinkle of the lights and shades was quite beautiful. The delight in the garden buildings and amusement could constitute a natural, graceful and beautiful picture of the magnificent palace and beautiful garden with a rustic charm of its own.

A lotus pool is very crystal clear. The tranquil blue water reflects the long and short bamboos mixed together. The flickering flowers glass themselves in the water. Outside the garden, a little spring of fresh water winds through by the water. With paths crisscrossing on the farmland, the little cottages nestling amidst the wayside trees, the blue smoke curling up against the green barrier.

Your heart becomes relaxed refreshed allowing you feel like you are in the fairyland in the world. Within the yard are temple buildings, orange osmanthus, blue pools and summer-house that survived many calamities and historical shifts. Inside the yard wandered a countless multitude. Therefore you will enjoy the coolness in summer here, appreciating the connotation of the mysterious Daoism religious culture for more than two thousand years.

Many present cultural relics that leave a lasting impression are found within the yard. All of the historical and cultural relics offer the savor to those visitors who generally seek the extraordinary. The beautiful scenery there was so impressive that visitors linger on with no thought of leaving. The ancient Qingyunpu is framed like a green pearl in its setting of the southern suburb of the city.

During the spring time, black tea and peach flowers are in full blossom with vivid performances. During the height of summer, water lilies here extend mile upon mile and dot the surface of the lakes. In the golden autumn, Osmanthus blossoms give off the sweet scent. The winter plum trees exuded a fragrant smell in the bitterly cold winter.

The towering ancient trees for four or five hundred years are honored as a representative treasure of the yard by scholars and men of letters through the centuries. The Badashanren Hall is one commemorative museum that assembles a great many of distinguished and rich collections, merges collecting, displaying, research and propaganda into one whole.

Dense groves of tall bamboos in the garden set off the painting, and calligraphic scrolls corridor that displayed the consummate artworks of Badashanren in the stone carvings way. Nothing could have been more charming than this moment when you surrounded yourself with the ageless splendor of the environment with a unique style. 

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