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The Distinguished Bailudong College

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Located at the southern foothills of Wulao Peak in Mountain Lushan, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, Bailudong College since ancient times enjoy the honor of "The first college in the whole country." It is situated the beautiful city of Jiujiang in the middle-lower reaches of the Yangzi River and commands a wonderful view of the picturesque district with YangZi River in the north and Lushan in the south.

About 10 kilometers to the south of Wulao Peak in Mountain Lushan, the distinguished Bailudong College in history that is a group of ancient buildings in the pavilion and garden style is framed by a background of surrounding mountains and green trees in deep elegant seclusion.

Bailudong College is famous at home and abroad for its spectacular natural scenery and the enormous ancient architectural complex. Bailudong College is covered with luxuriant virgin forests spreading over 3,000 hectares of land. The ancient structures occupy a ground space of 5,000 square meters. The scenic spot with mountains, waters, flowers, grass and pavilions, ancient buildings has beautiful colors unparalleled.

Those who love travelling always look forward to penetrate into its utmost recesses, and solitude is the delicious balm to his heart in this heavenly spot. Bailudong College is a cauldron-shaped depression in the centre of which is shaped like the deep cave of enchanting beauty when we look down the place. It belongs to the national first-grade natural reserve.

Furthermore, it's one of the important scenic spots of Mountain Lushan as the world cultural landscape, and the important base and window of external opening of rich China's ancient civilization, Jiangxi Province. It is an admirable place to come to for touring and sightseeing, tourist and holiday. Every year nearly 80,000 tourists from all over the world have been received.

The founder of Bailudong College can be traced back to Libo during the Tang Dynasty. Bailudong College was originally a the place that Libo brothers buried themselves in the country to study. He also kept one white deer as the company day and night, and old acquaintance would call him the Mr White Deer. Later he was installed in the district magistrate of Jiangzhou(today's Jiujiang), and revisited the place. He then planned to build the airy pavilion and pagoda, dredge and guide the mountain spring, edge a garden path with plants.

With the good humane environment and intense academic and cultural atmosphere adding to the allure of the stunning scenery, Bailudong College has to date become a great tourist attraction. A prestigious Chinese institution of higher learning with a history of thousands of years behind it, Bailudong College has left us abundant accumulation of cultural heritage and primitive ecology natural scenery.

Here you could appreciate the ageless splendor of Chinese historical architecture, the most stone inscriptions and cliffside inscriptions at the colleges in the country since the Yuan and Song dynasties. Here you could take in the full beauty of the sky-kissing ancient trees, fountains singing mellifluously, singing birds and fragrant flowers in the excellent surroundings with cool summer and warm winter.

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