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The Dreamlike Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi

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Sanqing Mountain is situated in the juncture area of Yushan County of Shangrao City and Dexing City in Jiangxi Province. The mountain gets its name by its three peaks Yujing, Yuxu and Yuhua Peaks as these three peaks seem like three ancestral deities of Taoism. The Yujing Peak is situated in the middle of Sanqing Mountain and has the highest altitude of 1,819 meters.

Sanqing Mountain is a famous Taoism mountain and was considered as a sacred place by Taoists in ancient time. Now Sanqing Mountain still attracts people by its gorgeous natural scenery.

The charm of Sanqing Mountain lies in the combination of granite forest, pine trees, mist, clouds, sunrise and sunset. Sanqing Mountain is shaped narrow and long from the south to north and is featured with steep east, fabulous west, elegant south and fantastic north. Sanqing Mountain has great variety of granite landforms. These granites are shaped into imposing peaks, queer rocks, deep valley and flying waterfalls. What funny are those peak wonders including the "python-like rock", the "girl-like peak" and the "divine dragon amusing a pine". Sanqing Mountain is about 80% covered by forest and what interesting are those pine trees. Most pine trees are quite ancient with more than 100 years. These pine trees are changed into some interesting and funny shapes because the transformation by wind and rain.

Sanqing Mountain is quietly outstanding featured with its mist and clouds. It is a misty mountain with about 200 days in mist. And the mist makes the mountain more dreamlike. When mist and clouds blend together, you may have the illusion that you are walking in cloud. The mist also brings surprises. When wind blows away the mist, an imposing peak or a strange pine tree may suddenly appear in front of you. The most misty and dreamlike Sanqing Mountain appears after raining.

Sanqing Mountain has ten scenic areas, including the most popular Nanqing Garden, the Yujing Perak, the Sanqing Palace and Western Seashore. The Sanqing Palace is a scenic site that should not be missed. This Taoism palace has a history more than 1,600 years is featured with its cultural architectures and buildings. And the area around Sanqing Palace is where most tourists choose for camping.

Sanqing Palace

When coming to Sanqing Mountain, the wonder of sunrise is a must to see. Most people would stay one night at Sanqing Mountain. You may choose to pay to stay in a house within the Sanqing Palace, or you can rent a tent and camp there. Camping in Sanqing Mountain is a valuable experience. You can stay there to enjoy the awesome scenery of sunset in the afternoon, enjoy a full sky of star at night and what’s more important enjoy the marvelous views of sunrise. When the sun hides by the cloud and mist, then the sunshine fires the sky and then finally comes out, the whole procedure is amazing and exciting. Western Seashore is the best place to watch sunset while the Yujing Peak is the best place to enjoy sunrise.



Sanqing Mountain is not a boring mountain as you will always find its beauty and charm in the four seasons. The splendid alpine azaleas in spring, the mountain of golden leaves in autumn, the pure white snow scenery in winter or the exciting man made plank constructed at the cliff of mountain, and the cute squirrels among the trees, the Sanqing Mountain would enchant you with a lot of fun.

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