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The Eastern Overseas Chinese Town

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In Shenzhen, this international city, you can have a lot of holiday places to choose during the vocation. Most of those places are modern amusement park, in which you can experience the thrill and screams from the recreation facilities, for example a roller coaster. However I think only something nature can make a person really releases. The Eastern Overseas Chinese Town is an amazing place which combines the modern entertainment programs with the pure natural experience. And that is reason why I highly recommend this travel spot for you.

The scenic areas are composed by three distinctive valleys and they are respectively the Tea Valleys, the Grand Canyon and the cloud-sea Valleys. The Grand Canyon is the modern recreation park as the spot “The windows of the world”, many modern entertainment equipments can be found here, like breathtaking roller coasters, the cliff-jump program, the ferries wheel and so forth. Absolutely you can release yourself by screaming and exclaiming.

The cloud-sea valleys are paradise for golf fans, because on the top of the mountains a luxurious golf course is built. Just imaging how awesome the feeling is when you are playing golf in the cloud while enjoying the beautiful scenery under your feet. Isn’t it?

The last but not the least important, I would like to introduce the tea valleys, as its name this scenic spots have contacts with Chinese teas. Actually many tea trees and flowers are planted in the tea valleys. If you come here in spring or summer, you are lucky to see the flower-sea scenery, pink or red or yellow flower field is rare beauty in the world.

Another interesting place in tea valleys is the Plant Museum. The museum is an in-door museum, in which you can find many sorts of plants from all over the world. I think it is a good choice for family tourists because children can learn a lot of biological knowledge from those plants. And a macaw show is ready especially for children.

The areas of the Eastern Overseas Chinese Town are very large. But don’t worry about the traffic. There are convenient trains back and forth between different valleys. It is fun to take the ancient steam trains for people living in the modern city. By the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window on the trains because the train line is along the key scenic spots.

Tips for tourists to the Eastern Overseas Chinese Town: 1. A tickets can be booked online, which will be cheaper than buy on the site and you can avoid a long long line. 2. Since the scenic areas are very large, wear comfortable clothes and shoes and take some snaps in case you cannot find a restaurant in time. 

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