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The Enchanting Panjin Red Beach in Northeast China

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When mentioning beaches in China, what come first should be those famous beautiful sandy beaches like the Silver Beach in Beihai and The First Bathing Beach in Qingdao. When it comes to the beautiful scenery of swaying weeds, we always think of wetland, red-crowned cranes and water birds. But this Red Beach is actually a beach, but the beach is home to a sea of red reeds and thousands of birds.


Panjin Red Beach is situated in the northeast of Bohai Gulf, more exactly in the Liaohe River Delta. It stands about 30 kilometers southwest of Panjin City in Liaoning Province. The beach is called Red Beach because of the special red sea grass growing there. This kind of sea grass is called Suaeda. It begins growing in April and May, and stays green through the whole summer. Then it starts turning into red and gets its flaming and dazzling red in autumn.

This 100 kilometers’ Red Beach is actually the largest natural wetland and reed marsh in the whole world. It presents the most spectacular splendors of sea marsh. Especially every autumn, the Red Beach is a paradise for photography enthusiasts and painters. 

The Red Beach has its prime scenery in the fall. You’ll see a sea of red sea grass like pieces of red clouds floating along the sea, hot and dazzling. At this time, the Red Beach does not restrain their redness and hotness, it try to presents its beauty at its prime time like a girl shows its youth at her best age. When a gust of wind blowing from far away, when red sea grasses are swaying in the field, you will get drunk in the red waves coming from far to near.

But the dense Weed Marsh on the other side has different views. Weeds become golden in autumn. These tall and lush weed shine golden light under sunshine, setting off the hot red in the Red Beach. At this time, there comes the color palette with the amazing combination of hot red, brilliant golden, the blue sky and the white clouds. If you take a boat along the waterway in the Red Beach or among the dense Weed Marsh, enjoy the charming scenery, smelling the pleasant fragrance of weeds, listening to talks of birds, or when flocks of birds are scared away from somewhere else, this should be the most enjoyable time.
In the area of the Red Beach, there constructs a long corridor for people to have a close look at the beautiful scenery at hand and provides great place to shoot the best pictures of the Red Beach. It is said the best time to catch the most moment of the Red Beach is the one or two hours after sunrise or before sunset.

If you travel to the Red Beach in autumn, you must try those big and fat crabs fed by local people.

At this wetland, there is a diverse of birds and animals inhabiting there, some of them are endangered species like the Red-crowned Cranes and Black Billed Gulls. The Weed Marsh is the best place to watch these birds and animals.

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