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The Endless Charm of Tianhe Pool

 2014-05-24    Young    Sights    Guiyang    2068  

Situated within the boundaries of Shiban Town, Guiyang City, Tianhe Pool Scenic Area combines the properties of both the majesty of the great Huangguoshu Waterfall, the wonder of the Dragon Palace and the beauty of Huaxi. The place is composites of the waterfall, clear spring water, deep pool, strange stones, weird caves and natural stone bridges.

The scenery is extremely clear and just like nature itself with significant aesthetic value as well, and Tianhe Pool Scenic Area also boasts more of its quiet surroundings and beautiful scenery of small bridges and running brooks with a rustic charm of its own.

Through the ages, Tianhe Pool Scenic Area has a very beautiful natural landscape with forest-clad mountains and limpid streams and pleasant climate. It was just like the hideaway where many men of literature and writings shut away from the world. Besides a great many poems and inscriptions in its praise left behind by poets and scholars since the ancient times, it's also blessed with numerous dramatic geological and landscape types of scenery. Tianhe Pool is the typical and exposed massif with thin beds of carbonate rock.

All valley deposits are subject to repeated erosion and criss-cross in a dense network. As a result, the valley of the pool was quite fertile, and the young tender grass covered it like a field of wheat in May. And they gradually turn into a wide variety of colorful karst channels. The water gets snarled up very often. Because of long-time water erosion and weathering through long years, it gradually evolved into the vast amount of space in the Tianhe Pool.

After the entrance to the scenic area, it first presented itself to the eye, with calcification waterfall at the overall length of 210 meters, which is also the present domestic widest calcification waterfall. At the lower reach of the waterfall is the famous Xiangba Valley. The waterfall comes gushing out of a cave in the mountainside. The dissolution lime-rock caves with the very peculiar looking are dotted around like stars in the sky.

During the rainy season, the water raged with undiminished fury with crushing force, creating a thundering noise when it pounds on the midstream rocks and roars thunderously, which offers a spectacular sight of the foam sending up into the air glistens in all colors under the sunlight.

During the low-flow period, the waterfall was quietly knitting a trickling rain with endless longing. The water of this lake is deep and pellucid as crystal, smooth as a mirror. The pink peaches and green willows set each other off on the shore of the lake. The tranquil scene in a paradise of a place is quite picturesque and poetic, just like a dreamland.

Tianhe Pool is joined by common mountains and rivers. There's crystal clear water in the hills; there's surpassingly beautiful limestone cave in the water; there's a deep pool in the charming cave. Side by side with this appreciation of the bright and wonderful landscape of lakes and hills, and the magic Karst cave landscape, there developed then a different appreciation of the magnificent scenery that comprises deep cultural connotations.

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