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The Enthralling Sight of Flaming Mountain

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The Flaming Mountain is the most internationally famous tourist attraction in Xinjiang province. It is located at the northern edges of the Turpan Basin, which stands in sharp contrast to the cool world of the mountain and the lake. It lies at the north road of the ancient Silk Road. The Flaming Mountain is most well-known for its red sandstones that could reflect sunlight, so it's also referred to as the red mountain. It appears in the "Journey to the West", which is one of the Four Great classical Chinese novels. Despite it's only one mythical tale, it is indeed a reflection of the terrible heat of the area known as the Flaming Mountain which is about 100km east to west.

The Flaming Mountains had a circumference of 800 li, on which not even a blade of grass could grow. Especially during the summer days, the fiery and strong sun glares down from the blue sky on the purple-colored jagged hills, an intense red glow is reflected from the mountainside, creating glowing red and making the sight look like billows of flames, and different kinds of birds flying round this hot place stay far away.

In that treeless waste, one glared rock could be seen at half a day's journey distant. The Flaming Mountain lies at an average of 500 meters above sea-level. At the height of summer, the sun was shining brightly over the red sandstones. The sandstones are glinting in the sunlight with the scorching sun directly overhead.

This is one of the hottest and driest places on earth, with the highest temperature of 47.8oC in summer, and the temperature of the ground surface could be more than 70oC. Today it is no exaggeration to say that the eggs could even be roasted in the sand. Perhaps you have seen the colorful limestone cave and underground river, but the valleys here are mainly formed by the movement of the earth's crust and the river washing. Many of the green trees stretched so far forwards as almost to blend the sandstones with the shore, when seen from a little distance.

Whether by design or accident, this mountain was in a quietly idyllic spot on the edge of a bubbling brook along with the overhanging brow of a sheer valley. When one stops to gaze fixedly and ponder, the gurgling sounds of a stream would come into the ear, sometimes joyful and mysterious, beckoning one to go deeper and afford for much thought.

The Flaming mountain is blessed with its special natural appearance. For its intense heat, the Flaming mountains are also one natural underground reservoir, which could preserve the surface and underground clean water resources to the most.

Under the unique climate conditions, various products in season were hanging in clusters, and the air was heavy with the aroma of melons and fruits. It's blessed with a tremendous long rich history, unique and charming topography and many hot tour routes, thereby making customers come happily and go back satisfied. 

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