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The Eye-catching Scenery of Baiyangdian

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Situated in central Hebei Province, Baiyangdian is also referred to as Baiyang Shallow Lake, which is the biggest inland lake in Hebei Province. As the Chinese saying goes from time immemorial, "In heaven there is paradise, on earth Hangzhou and Suzhou; in south there is the West Lake, in north there is Baiyangdian."

Nowadays Baiyangdian is also flatteringly called the bright pearl in North China. Baiyangdian has long been known as the Yangtze delta in the northern country. It is well blessed with abundant output of various products, in a land of assembled distinguished people and beautiful sceneries, and is flatteringly named as "the land of agriculture and fishery" that is known far and wide.

The Baiyangdian has been classified into 146 shallow lakes by 36 villages and 12,000-mu very thick reed marshes. The meadows in these shallow lakes generally acquire their greatest breadth, and when covered with water, they gradually build up into a handsome chain of shallow vernal lakes, resorted to by the innumerable gulls and ducks.

These shallow lakes in all shapes and sizes, with the biggest one measuring over 20,000 mu, are a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters while the sky and the waters would be merged in one color, adding somehow to the scenic charm of the haze-veiled lake; the smallest one covering an area of only 180 mu is surrounded by the emerald water reeds, serenely and secluded.

Baiyangdian became famous worldwide since ancient times for being rich in natural resources and its scenic beauty. It enjoys the fame as the regular gold-mine. Baiyangdian with large bodies of water reaches as far as heaven itself. It boasts a temperate climate and is surrounded by magnificent landscapes. There is something fine about its view in all four seasons.

When the spring sunshine is approaching, the swelling reeds are seen everywhere. In the heat of the summer, the reeds are green; the lotuses are all red in the lake. The crystal drops on the lotuses are all dripping from a dozen lotus buds in the lake, while beads of water rolled about the leaves. On Baiyangdian outspread for miles and miles while the lotus lilies in full blossom. The willows along the lake bank looked more like a dense smoke. One the days of golden autumn, snowflakes flutter through the sedge grass. Autumn brings with it the sweet fragrance of rice ears along with wild flowers in full bloom. At the time of the bitter winter, the solid ice is as white as polished jade, by offering one vast expanse of waters.

There're many featured sights on the Baiyangdian. Around the lake tour on an open wooden boat enables tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of Baiyangdian. The combination of unique natural conditions and human efforts at protecting it has made the lake the singularly charming scenic spot it is today. Here visitors are in a position to view its gleaming pebble-paved bottom with lively fish and shrimp darting about. It's great pleasure to experience the fishers' lives. 

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