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The Fabulous Scene of Haigeng Park

 2014-05-30    Young    Sights    Yunnan    1465  

Founded in the early years of 1960s, located in the southern suburb of the "Spring City" Kunming in Yunnan Province and at the bank of "Pearl of the Plateau" Dian Lake, Haigeng Park is about 10km away from downtown of Kunming City. Today Haigeng Park stretches some 200 meters north to south and 2.5 kilometers east to west, covering in total an area of about 750 acres of land.

The name "Haigeng" means the dyke of the sea and initially it is a long dyke in the Dian Lake. The south of the Haigeng Park is attached to the famous Dian Lake that is slightly wrinkled in the winds and a watery wilderness, and the contour of a coast is about 2.5 kilometers long.

Haigeng Park that occupies a ground space of over 300 square meters square kilometers divides the two parts of Dian Lake; the south part is the broad Dian Lake with a vast expanse of water while the north part is "Grass Sea" with the billowy sea of grass. Here with green fields and green forests, and the lightness and freshness and intoxication of the gentle air blow everywhere and usually ripple the surface of the lake.

The four scenic spots of the whole sea dyke could be likewise formed naturally: there is national sport training center at the east side; charming bathing beaches with smarting lake breeze and taste in the middle part; park scenic tourist area in the west where you could enjoy the beautiful landscape of lakes and hills; in the northern part is the region of almost endless swamp as the sanitarium area and tourism center. There the people have developed the goldfish lake, hundred flowers gardens, and the large folkways village and garden-style holiday center.

The picturesque and long sea dyke stretches itself through the green and luxuriant hills and is said to resemble a clear jade ribbon floating on the lake, dividing the lake into two parts. On the banks on each side of the lake, the trees are tall enough to reach the sky with braches standing on the smooth surface of the lake, so that the peak of nearby mountains is nothing in comparison. The Western Hill is coordinated with each other across a great distance with Grand View Pavilion.

The harmonious entity of the lake with surrounding elements presents a scene full of poetic and artistic imagination. The natural Haigeng Park is a pleasant ecological tourist stage for vacation and leisure taking. Painting pavilions, stone boats, long corridor for sea viewing, the lush green lawn, the gorgeous cherry blossoms forest, luxuriant yachts, recreational pavement along the beach and the prodigious number of seagulls could achieve harmony and a flavor of romance between man and the nature.

The natural environment with the combination of dynamics and statics made you feel that you are in the middle of the action. The scenery was extremely pleasant to the visitors who are enchanted by the gorgeous scene and do not want to go home. Haigeng Park welcomes the friends from near and far to get together. 

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