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The Fairyland in China- the Hoh Xil.

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Have not got a chance to visit the Northwestern part of China? Then make the Hoh Xil your next destination. The Hoh Xil is a fairyland, where you can get rid of hustle and bustle of city life, stay close to the nature and explore the wild lives.

Located at the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Region in southwest Qinghai, the Hoh Xil is the largest natural reserve area in our country with an average altitude of more than 4600 meters. As the literal meaning implies, Hoh Xil means “beautiful girl” in Mongolian. However, it is a place with harsh climate, bad conditions and few people and that is why people usually called it “no man’s land”. What impress people most are the strong wind, dry land, low temperature, precious plants as well as animals. According to a survey, there are more than 25 kinds of mammals, 53 kinds of birds and 202 kinds of plants in the Hoh Xil, making it an enchanting paradise for wild lives.

Among all these special animals, the Tibetan antelopes have been concerned greatly nowadays because of human interference. Known as the pride of Hoh Xil, the Tibetan antelopes are special kind of animals with brownish red backs and light brown or gray white abdomens. It was reported that only 20000 Tibetan antelopes left in the region in 1998 for people’s cruel poaching. Like pandas,the Tibetan antelopes are endangered due to Human’s destruction and slaughter and they are listed as the first-degree national protection animal. But now, poaching has totally been stop by the government and the number of the Tibetan antelopes climbs to over 70000 in the recent years. Every year, countless people from home and aboard desire to take a trip to here although the number of tourists is capped at 1000 per year.

Here in the Hoh Xil life is relaxing and simple. It is more for living, yet not less stressful than modern city. It is more energetic, yet not less busy than city life. If you are luck enough, you can see some wild animals playing near the river, eating green glass and enjoy the warm sunshine in such a paradise. You need not to be surprise when you see a crowd of Tibetan antelopes galloping on the clean grassland or the wild yaks looking for food near the river. Why? Because the Hoh Xil is home to over 230 species of wild animals, such as the wild yak, wild donkey, white-lip deer, brown bear and the Tibetan antelopes.

Another fantastic scenic spot in the Hoh Xil is a grand sight of dwarf herbaceous and cushion plants. Unlike the other nature reserve in our country, the main plants here are dwarf herbaceous and cushion plants, including Oxyrropis jalcata, Oxytropis glacialis, Saussurea gnaphalodes and so forth. Most visitors lose themselves in such a fairyland.

Tips: Transportation is much more convenient now; you can choose the Qingzang railway and China National Highway 109. Since the climate is harsh in the Hoh Xil, proper clothes and drug should be prepared before setting out.

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