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The Fantastic Scene of Mount Qiangui

 2014-08-21    Young    Sights    Lijiang    1417  

Located within the territory of Liming Township in the Yulong Naxi nationality autonomous county of Lijiang City, the famous Qiangui Mountain is a miraculous Danxia landforms' scenery region with the largest area and the highest altitude that had been discovered so far in our country.

There are quite a few roughly shaped (tortoise plastron, pineapple like) constructing mountains that are formed by the surface weathering of the huge mass of red rock besetting in the southwestern part of Liming village. Among which the most remarkable one was the mountain slope, shaped like ten million little turtles that have since formed that big turtle with natural order and ordered arrangement, as though it was moving steadily toward the rising sun.

The magnificent scene like the typical Liming Danxia Landform is unsurpassed tourist resource in the country. That's the magic of Qiangui Mountain in Liming. It's the only Danxia landform spectacle in China's great southwestern region. The picturesque scenery of the Qiangui Mountain more often than not has reddish sandstone as an inseparable companion.

Many of the famous scenic sites on the mountain are harmonious combinations of green tree and reddish sandstone that complement and set each other off. The tortoise's back is the most famous sight. The full and red weathered sandstones stand out the small bumps one by one, much like the back of individual tortoise. So here is also called Qiangui Mountain owning too many red stones setting closely together.

You could make your way through the karst landscape mountains along the winding and secluded mountain path, you might need to creep the large exposed and disintegrated rocks for about an hour, that is Qiangui Mountain. The weathered rocks like the large scales could form a beautiful sight line. Sometimes when you climb the mountain, the first thing you see from the top is the Fotuo Peak with extremely large erect peak.

The large weathered rocks formed helically about a central axis at the top had the brick-red exposed hillside in the lower right part of mountain. Glancing at the Fotuo Peak in the distance standing in your opposite position, you might be surprised to find that it is shaped like the large head of Fotuo also a stalk of ganoderma lucidum, which is a kind of fungus believed to possess supernatural powers. The name Lingzhi Peak has actually originated from this shape.

If you examined the mountain closely, you will also be surprised by the fact that the mountain slope formed by hundreds or thousands of stone turtles also like the huge tortoise crawling toward the right east the sun rose. There're many fantastic sights including the perpendicular cliffs, sky-kissing pillars, beetling wall growing flowers and many more. The wonderful scenery was slow enough for watchers to assimilate.

The best seasons for traveling to Qiangui Mountain are winter and spring. During the winter months, you could sweep a glance at the southeast where you could see nothing now except the snow-capped Laojun Mountain, it's also extremely beautiful. When spring comes, you could view the beautiful azaleas in full bloom among reddish sandstones. 

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