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The Fascinating Xiangyang Phoenix Hot Spring

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There are lots of fascinating places. But I recommend to you Phoenix Hot Spring. It locates at the Ancient Longzhong in Xiangyang, Hubei Province where the god of wisdom -- Zhuge Liang, retreated in. It is said that two big companies has spent huge sums to build this place jointly with more than a billion yuan, committed to create the first big generic leisure industry base with the experience of package service in Central China. The total area of Xiangyang Phoenix Hot Spring is more than 900 hectares and it only takes 15 minutes to drive from the Xiangyang city centre, because it is adjacent to the Xiangyang-Longzhong Exit on Han-Shi Expressway where the transportation is very convenient.

The City of Joy, featuring the unique, rare and primitive ecological natural scenery of Xiangyang Wolong Town, is devoted to combining health, leisure, vacation, training, business meetings, guest rooms, entertainment, catering and other functions into one comprehensive ecological hot spring resort.Besides, the reception center is praised as a perfect combination of Han style and modern style.

Now let’s see what other unique characteristics does it have? The water of Phoenix Hot Spring is extremely rare pure natural weak-alkali hot spring which can be used as both drinking water and bathing water. It is rich in iodine, selenium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements greatly beneficial to human body. There are lots of advanced super luxury water entertainment facilities with the rare natural resources at this open-air site.

Meanwhile, nearly a hundred ecological hot spring pools in different sizes and with different functions were elaborately designed by the international famous designer according to the characteristics of human life, including the a swimming pool, a (tsunami )surfing pool, a Taichi spa pool, water amusement events, children’s area, slate shower room and so on. This hot spring area combines the world-class hot spring facilities with the unique cultural connotations of Zhuge Liang’s wisdom. According to the professionals’ evaluation, the size of its natural environment, the scale of its construction and the class of its decoration can be listed in the top five at least domestically.

As for the dishes, the advanced five-star Haishen Hotel is the first place to be considered in this area. It is a high-end integrated restaurant which provided Cantonese cuisine and buffet. But the main dish is the fresh sea cucumber. The materials are organic pollution-free green vegetables planted in the ecological garden and will be cooked with mountain farm firewood stove. Sangu Food and Culture Street is the most popular sites full of Three Kingdom’s culture snack bars, traditional handicrafts stores and small traditional cultural performances. You can experience romance, passion and joy there at any time because it is open 24 hours a day .

At the same time, it spent a lot to establish the first live performance stage with the back ground of hot spring landscape. You can appreciate the unique Jing-Chu cultural performance of “Baomao Spirits” and “Gupen Songs”

Xiangyang Phoenix Hot Spring aims to be the new leader of the new concept of healthy lifestyle. It is a paradise where you want to stay forever if possible.

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