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The Fine Prospect of Taoyuanhe Valley

 2014-05-30    Young    Sights    Guiyang    980  

Taoyuanhe Valley is the uncharted territory of the gorge region that lies to the east of Zhazuo Town, Xiuwen County, over 40 kilometers away from the confines of Guiyang City. The attractive features of the scenic spot are its beautiful valley, glistening water and moderate average depth. It flows around and through us in such abundance, and in such countless and varied forms, as to exceed by a wide margin of beauty itself.

Taoyuanhe Valley is endowed with both beauty and rich resources. Within the scenic beauty of unbelievably clear spring and lush vegetation, the clearance from the mountain from the deep valley flows into the distance. The spring meandered gently through a clump of trees, alternated between surging forward with great momentum and looking as smooth as a mirror. Visitor would click our tongues in wonder at the strange peaks, perpendicular cliffs and cliffside springs along the banks of the stream.

The scenery itself lives up to its name of Taoyuanhe Valley, it looks like staying in the dreamland with an idyllic vision like spotlessly clean surroundings and a carpet of lush green vegetation. Such a tranquil scene in a paradise of a place or Taoyuanhe Valley is certainly fascinating and enchanting. Another gorgeous sight would greet the bore-watcher's eye just as he had recovered from the shock. The water was transparent to the bottom; grotesque rocks are standing at the river-bed.

Travelers would like to walk along the sightseeing plank that presents a exquisite natural beauty, after the Jindiao Cliff scenic spot, one can enjoy the beautiful Rhinoceros Pool landscape, several springs of clear water rose almost half way up the cliff. The spring of the Taoyuanhe Valley, struggling between towering wall-sided cliffs, rushes down in whirlpools of the green Rhinoceros Pool and throwing up surging white foam create an impressive sight.

The water makes a glistening turbulence in the cloud and mist, and sometimes the ripples on the surface of the pool would carry so far they'd reach the shore. All of these scenes constitute a natural, graceful and beautiful picture of green mountains and beautiful water. Whoever passed through the scene would slip into the spring deliberately, accepted the baptism of springs, washing away the misfortune or benefiting the spirituality of spring.

What's more, the mountain spring could dispense fortune. It would be a wonderful experience to sail down the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides. And you might appreciate the cascade waterfall that measures 43 meters across with a fall of 37 meters. Standing on the quaint cataract watching kiosk below the waterfall, from which one can have a distant view of the beautiful scenery.

You could fully feel the flying mist with this valuable away your soul, restful to the spirit. Standing at the small bridge of the reception centre, you could lift up your eyes to the Sandieshui Waterfall that creates the multilayer vision enjoyment. Accompanied by the ripple of the stream, travelers would drift into sleep in the little wooden hut where the refreshing mist caresses the cheeks. 

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