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The Graceful Cai Lake Scenic Spot

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The famous Caihu Scenic Spot is situated about 15 kilometers south from Faku Township. Cai Lake was originally named Shangdun reservoir. It's the lake in the mountainous valley, with the surface of the water accounts for 20,000 acres. It's such one lake with the maximum water capacity in the north of Shenyang. The scenic spot is an area of 2,568 hectares.

It's the tourist vacation area that has gathered relaxation, sightseeing, aquatic amusement and religious faith merging into one whole. It's the lake encompassed by mountains, rich fishing prospects, a great many migrating birds, teeming with fish and shrimps and different view in all four seasons. Cai Lake got its name because it had brought the local people a rich and colorful life, and the mountain on the west bank of the lake is called Cai Mountain.

The water retaining dam in the Cai Lake is homogeneous earth dam. You could stray along the banks of the ornamental lakes as if you were strolling through the ancient track and nonnegotiable pass. There're abundant land and water resources within the scenic zone, the cultivation base of fish species accounting for 120 acres, and the afforested area accounting for 2,070 acres.

Within the territory of the scenery zone and accumulated water area, the lake with the clean environment and fresh air is very scenic, unpolluted and prosperous. There's one grand Cai Palace the biggest temple place in the country and the only one in the world that mainly engaged in offering a sacrifice to the Four Large God of Wealth, which makes it one of the most rewarding God of Wealth spots in the world.

It's said that Cai Palace occupies a ground space of one million square meters, with 6,000 square meters of floor space. With water in front and a hill at the back, the jade belt around the waist, its scenery provides incomparable beauty and endless glamour for Cai Palace with innumerable tenderness and matchless pretty. Moreover, there's one landscape dam with the total length of about one thousand meters and width of 0 meters. 

Cai Lake is one beautiful lake in combination of irrigated land, wetland and mountainous area. The delicate and graceful scene is full of green mountains, beautiful water and wild lives that will make it a perfect place for boating and fishing. Here visitors could view the magnificent surrounding scenery and its reflection in the shimmering limpid lake.

The lake with the strong country style and elegant, simple and honest characteristics is also the habitat of rare and endangered migrating birds like swans, wild ducks, geese, sacred cranes and many more. It is also an admirable place to go sightseeing and play with water, so as to give you a natural and earthy feeling.

Caihu Scenic Spot that is one no over-exploitation ground, owns graceful scenery and high-priced ecological environmental quality which are principal places for taking a leisurely life and going vacationing. Here the beauty and charm of the historic associations have remained intact and over them brood always the enigmatic memory of the old days. 

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