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The Incredible Ranwu Lake in Tibet

 2014-04-22    Selina Ou    Sights    Lhasa    3392  

On the 318 National Highway of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, there lies the beautiful Ranwu Lake. Located in Basu County of Changdu Area in Tibet, Ranwu Lake is the largest lake in southeastern Tibet with an occupation of 22 square kilometers at an elevation of 3,850 meters above the sea level. Though this is just a transfer station, its captivating scenery has brought sweet memory for people travel to Tibet.


Ranwu Lake is surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains and glaciers. There is the Gangrigabu Snow Mountain in the southeast, the Azhagongla Glacier in the south and the Bosula Peak in the northeast. These towering snow mountains and glaciers are great companions to the Ranwu Lake, they provide water supply to the lake and also are natural backgrounds to the captivating Ranwu Lake.


Reputed as the “Tibetan Switzerland”, Ranwu Lake has attracted tourists to stop for its beautiful landscapes. When you come to Ranwu Lake, you can not only enjoy the exotic beauties of snow mountains and glaciers from Swiss Alps, also the elegant streams and lush forests in Jiuzhaigou Valley.


The essence of Ranwu Lake lies in its crystal-blue water and tranquility. By the Ranwu Lake is the green grassland that has provided extra colors and charms to the lake. A poetic Ranwu Lake has been made by the surrounding snow peaks and glaciers, the forests and grassland, the blue sky and the white clouds, the colorful prayer flags, the wondering sheep and cows, the unique plateau plants swaying around the lake. This is where people get drunk.

But the Ranwu Lake never bores itself. You will see different kinds of scenery when you come here at different seasons. The transparent water also changes according to the changes of surrounding scenery. This is why you may see blue water, aquamarine, or turquoise in different season.


If you happen to come here when it snows, you will see the most mysterious Ranwu Lake that is covered by fairy mist with the indistinct surrounding snow peaks.

While if you have time, an overnight stay is surely a pleasant experience. Not to mention the tranquil atmosphere and scenery at night, the bright moon and a whole sky of stars will bring some extraordinary fun.

The charm of Ranwu Lake also falls on the charming local customs and cultures. People live around Ranwu Lake are Kangba people who are bold and generous. Their wooden houses scattered in the grasslands, their songs and dances, their costumes and artworks, and their unique and delicious food, all these have added extra fun to the Ranwu Lake.

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