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The Invigorating Mount Fuquan

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The Fuquan Mountain Scenic Spot is located at the southeastern hilly area of Dongqian Lake. Mount Fuquan with the area of 16,000 acres of land is the tourism project featuring a combination of mountain tourism and verdant tea-gardens tourism. Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery, visitors could view the mountain ranges rising and falling, crisscrossed mountainous valleys and the water is gurgling between rocks.

The changeable terrain resulted in different mountainous space and natural scenery. The peak of the mountain is mostly ranging at elevations between 200 and 300 meters, among which Wanghai Peak with the elevation of 556 meters is the highest peak in the scenic spot. When we reached the top of the hill and looked westward, a view of Dongqian Lake and Ningbo urban area greeted us, while you could watch the sun rising on eastwards.

Accidentally, the dazzling gleam of sunny clouds is really a magnificent sight. It's difficult to sort out what's spring from what's autumn. The most spectacular scene inside is its luxuriant vegetation including pine forest, cedar wood, bamboo grove, mixed forest and the bush. The vegetation at the top of the mountain predominates in tea bushes.

Over 3,600 acres of tea bushes grew around the slopes of the hills. Tea plants sprouted new buds after the pruning. Trees with cascading waving structure are mellow and attached to the peaks and peaks, which had formed the beautiful landscape of vast expanses of water in the tea mountains, creating a sight of spectacular grandeur.

In the beauty spot, there're many streams, reservoirs and the ponds in the mountain that could dot the landscape in the mountain forest. On the mountain, there was Fuquan Mountain highway through the scenery zone. Its fairly convenient road traffic and abundant vegetation made it become a veritable heaven on earth for bicycle riding. On its peak was a sheet of skyey water named Long Pool.

Near the pool is an ancient well called Fu spring that provides, summer or winter, an inexhaustible supply of crystal-clear water. The main landscape features of the resort are its tea plantations and forest trees on the mountains, weather changes of the mountains, mountainous and sea scenery of distant view and the downtown scene.

Phoenix Lake is also named as the small Jiuzhai, which got its name because the still water of the lake with beautiful scenery is a very bright green. The prospect of Phoenix Lake from this summit was nearly unlimited. Standing on the top of the Wanghai Peak, you can see the beautiful Dongqian Lake in its east and the vast Dong Sea.

Wutai Peak with the elevation of 512 meters above the sea level is the second highest peak is an enchanting place to catch sight of the sunrise of the East China Sea. Near the place at the top of the mountain is one old tea room where is near to the ancient well called Fu Spring. It was really nice to sit in the restful and old-fashioned tea room and sip the pure water from the Fu spring. 

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