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The Irresistible Miracle of Ludi Cave

 2014-06-06    Young    Sights    Guilin    1804  

Sitting in the northwest suburbs of Guilin City, only 5 km away from downtown of Guilin, Ludi Cave is one famous scenic resort and historic site that going sightseeing on the cave was primary, whereas enjoying an unobstructed view of the natural pastoral scenery was secondary. The cave is approximately 240 meters deep, the itinerary of 500 meters.

There's a glorious array of many interesting rock formations including the colorful and beautifully wrought stalagmites, fantastic stalagmites, columns and curtains. The superb collection of beautiful things like the cave is intricate in structure where the varied-form stalactites and stalagmites have a dazzling effect on the eye. It looks like a palace in the moon, reputed as the fame of "An Artistic Wonder of Nature."

From Tang dynasty to now, apart from the fun of retracing the footsteps of the famous Ludi Cave for visitors through the centuries, it also boats great quantities of poems and frescos in its praise left behind by local men of letters. Ever since 1959, the cave that had been discovered and explored have built dining-rooms, tea houses, waterside pavilions, pond and lake, zigzag bridge and even the sporty boats. The developers had weeping willows planted on both banks and flowering tree and shrub planted all over the cave.

Today, Ludi Cave is one of the most popular tourist sites for its beautiful karst scenery spot all over the world. Up to the present time, it has hosted forty million visitors since the announcement of the opening and development of the Ludi Cave, including over 180 parties and states leaders like Dengxiaoping, American former president Nixon, Cart, German former president Richard Weizsacker and more. No one can fail to be struck with its prospect of unequalled beauty. Because of this, Ludi Cave is also known as "State Guest Cave" as well.

One of the most marvelous things about Ludi Cave is that it has lots of dripping water in the cave, besides this, there're a large number of stalagmite, stalactite and stone column that are also developed into the stuffing of the cave. When the visitors went into the cave, walked around among the cracks of its forest of the stone column, as well as the colored lights on the cave relieving them with agreeable distinctness, you could have spiritually relaxed like staying in the wondrous region axes illuminated by the romance of lights into an almost unearthly radiance.

Many poets had greatly praised the gorgeous Ludi Cave, and took it as the pride of the Chinese nation. The landscape of Ludi Cave is not only delicate and attractive, but also well-matched that had complemented each other perfectly.

Luyan Cave is a perfect place for travelling throughout the year, and the frequent changeable climate outside played minimum effect on the beautiful cave since that it's a scenic spot tucked away in the depth of mountains. It's like spring all the year round while keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter, which is an irresistible temptation to you. 

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