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The Kingdom of the Females

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It’s said there was a mysterious zone named the kingdom of the females, where only the female was highly respected and ruled the zone. It seems like that it’s only a legend but today if you prefer to pay a visit to the Gulu Lake located between the Li River, Yunnan province and Sichuan province, you’ll be astonished to find out that If’s real. So, if you are making your plan to travel in Yunnan, why not take it into account to color your traveling experience. Well, here we go, buddies!

The Mosul Tribe Tradition

The female kingdom is the Mosuo society characterized by the following features. It’s a tribe branch part of Naxi Tribe, the noted Motherhood society. And that's why until today, this tribe still sticks to the unique tradition named male-leaving behavior, which turns out to be the highlight of the matriarch elephant family. And when we look into this specialty, we find it interesting and surprising to learn that the male-leaving behavior is considered as the most incredible marriage form in this world, and as for the people there, nothing could be more romantic than that kind love story.

The Mosul Tribe Life

As we look around this beautiful lack, we are deeply charmed by its natural beauty to relax our mind. Since it’s far away from the outside world, it’s like the Land of Utopia. When you’re walking along the lake, you’ll be obsessed with the beautiful ladies with the amazing sweet smiles. In view of the costumed male-leaving behavior, they are more independent and initiative than the male to put the first step into building a romantic relationship. It seems to be casual and simple as it looks, after showing her love to the man she likes, she would go home and wait for the man at night, the man would come and tries to climb up the flower ladder to meet the lady, he is required to be brave and strong to climb up the high ladder and answers the code to be allowed to enter the room. After their meeting, the man will leave in the morning. This kind male-leaving behavior seems to be the freest marriage, no real marriage for them, they are just liked by their relationship, if one day there’s no feelings, they won’t contact any more.

Only when the lady is up to 17 years old, she would begin to chase the man she likes. When all people are dancing by the fire, the lady would try to get close to the man and give him a loving-gift. Once the man gets the gift, no one can stop them apart. When the male meets the lady at night, he must take 4 things, 2 pieces of bones to feed the dog downstairs, so it won't bark until he leaves, a knife to open the door bolt, a hat to hang on the door, which means no disturb, and a long belt to help him get off the ladder. When the baby was born, the baby would be only taken care of by the lady's family, the uncle will play the part of the father to give it name and bring it up. And when it comes to its first full month, its father needs to hold a party for its celebration. In fact, when the baby grows up, it will know its father.

We find it so different from our real life, but maybe for the man there, it is a good way to be like that, the female is the key of the society, there’s less pressure for them.

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