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The Legend of The Shaolin Temple

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China is a five thousand year old civilized country of the world with the various cultures. One of the most popular cultures which have a great effect to many Chinese is Kung Fu. When mention Kung Fu, there is a place that can’t be ever ignored. May be you can guess it without any difficult because this place is really very famous to the world. Yes, you are right. This special place which associated with Kung Fu is Shaolin temple.

Shaolin Temple is probably one of the most famous temples in China, not only because the long history and status in Chinese Buddhism, but also for its amazing Kung Fu culture. In China there is a saying about Shaolin temple’s Kung Fu which shows how important this temple is. It is said that all Kung Fu in China starts from Shaolin temple. In Shaolin temple, many monks are trained with good Kung Fu.

In China, there are thousands of movies and stories about Shaolin temple. Most of all are connected with Kung Fu. In 1982, Shaolin fever has swept around the world because of a famous movie which called ”The Shaolin temple” acting by Jet Li-a very well-known action movie star. In this movie, Li played a young boy adopted by Shaolin temple and trained as a Shaolin monk who with good Kung Fu. He tried to take revenge of his father’s tragic death. This movie has earned so much reputation for Shaolin temple makes people begin to pay more attention to Shaolin temple and its Kung Fu culture.

Shaolin temple has many legends and mysteries. It is located on the foot of the beautiful SongShan Mountain, which is eight miles from Dengfeng city and about 50 miles southwest of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henna Province. Shaolin temple was established in 495 years of Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534), was built for the purpose of spreading Buddhism in the times of Emperor Xiaowen ruled. Emperor Xiaowen was a believer of Buddhism so that he decided to build the temple in the Songshan Mountains. After an eminent monk called Damo who came from India visited Shaolin Temple to recruited disciples. Since then Shaolin temple became a famous Buddhist well-known place.

Nowadays, a lot of well-trained Kung Fu monks often made wonderful performances both inside China and aboard which won great reputation of Kung Fu for Shaolin temple. Shaolin temple becomes more and more famous scenery of China. In order to attract the tourists come to visit and get more understanding of Shaolin temple. Tourist can see a good performance of Kung Fu by the trained monks in Shaolin temple.

Moreover, by visiting Shaolin, you can not only have a look at the show of Kong Fu but can also appreciate its culture of Buddhism and artist. In Shaolin temple, there are a lot of beautiful frescoes and Buddhist palace can be visited. In the tower forest of Shaolin temple, the brick towers are used to enshrine the sarira of the eminent monks of Shaolin temple are very holy to the Buddhists.

Come to pursue the legend of Shaolin temple and find the various culture of China. Let’s know more about the legend of Shaolin temple and expect legend of Shaolin temple is continued.

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