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The Magical Sea of Clouds in Huangshan

 2013-02-23    kate    Sights    Huangshan    1288  

Spring, autumn and winter are the best seasons to see the sea of clouds in Huangshan. February 15, 2013, my friends and I went to Huangshan.

We reached the peak at 4:20 p.m. wow…… the sea of clouds made Huangshan as fairyland, as if we were in a dream world. The mountains appeared in the sea of clouds now and then, just like the countless islands in the sea.

Huangshan Mountain

Looking quietly while waiting on the hill, with a little panic, I feared to miss the delicate changes of light and shadow. The light was gradually enriched.

Huangshan Mountain

The sea of clouds of Huangshan is very famous, and can be regarded as the top wonder of Huangshan.

Huangshan Mountain

The clouds at the bottom of the valley rose, walking through the valleys. Beautiful mountains and towering cliffs, as well as the sea of clouds forming a pair of Chinese painting.

Huangshan Mountain 

These two mountain peaks in the sea of clouds like two snuggle giants, sitting there like overlooking the sunset with us.

Huangshan Mountain 

The color of the sea of clouds continue to change. Numerous of peaks submerged in the clouds, leaving only a few peaks, like islands in the sea.

Huangshan Mountain 

The sea of clouds became so magnificent.

Huangshan Mountain 

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