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The Magnificent and Splendid Tiger Hill

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Tiger Hill is located in northwest suburbs of Suzhou City. It's five kilometers away from the downtown area. The Tiger Hill is first known as Haiyong (sea surge) Mountain. The mountain rises to the height of 6 meters by an easy gradient. The story is going about that the King of Wu had his captive put up in a cave near the tomb of his father He Lu and told him to work as his groom and also to sweep the palace grounds.

It derives its name from a mythical story that three days after the burial ceremony, a white tiger was seen crouching over the tomb. After this, the hill was renamed Hu'Qiu'Shan. Tiger Hill with its so many enthralling sights has through the ages is luring tourists into flocking there. It was even as Su Dongpo the Song poet said: "It is really a matter of regret for one if he visits Suzhou but does not go sightseeing at Tiger Hill."

In China, an ancient temple is normally tucked away deep in the forbidding mountains and jungles, but the one on Tiger Hill seems to be the only exception to the general rule. The hill and the temple here actually became an integral part of the scene, with in addition a conglomeration of other the wonderful surrounding scenery. In describing the scenery of Tiger Hill, one ancient man of letters said of the beautiful sights like this: The Pagoda thrusts itself up from outside the woods, while the hill looks as though hidden in the temple.

The presence of this towering Tiger Hill Tower with thousands of years at the top lends a special charm to the Tiger Hill and that is why the two together have become a symbol of Suzhou. Suzhou Huqiu tower now has become well-known world cultural heritage. Relying on the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery and lush vegetation, long history and profound culture, Tiger Hill has been long reputed as "The No.1 scenic site in Wuzhong".

There are many tourist sites in the Tiger Hill, among which the Yunyan Temple Pagoda and Sword Pool are the most famous sights. Sword Pool is the most interesting and mysterious place that you have ever seen in the Tiger Hill. Rectangular in shape, the Sword Pool is wedged between rocks tall and steep and filled with crystal-clear water that remains at a constant level.

Tiger Hill Tower has become the second largest leaning tower in the world. Its outer appearance looks simple and its structure concise. The famous hill with its spectacular scenery has become a favorite haunts to tourists from all parts of the world, which makes you linger among the magnificent scenery with the most visually striking sights.

Relying on every contour of the surrounding hills, the scenery of Wanjing Villa was striking and picturesque. Its vast green woods form a comfortable climate of the Green Island. Lots of ornamental birds rush to inhabiting the paradise. Its beautiful scenery as soft as silk endows Tiger Hill with particular charm and projects a breathtaking cultural landscape of historical significance, mountains and rivers.

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