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The Marvellous Beauty of Lvshi Valley

 2014-05-24    Young    Sights    Liaoning    1831  

Lvshi Valley is subject to Tanggou National Forest Park in Benxi City, Liaoning Province. It is celebrated for the thick bed of green moss on the rocks and many spectacular waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. The hill was clothed in rare flowers and ancient pines and cypresses and ever-changing. The antique pine trees charming with many countenances-pretty and graceful stand on the huge rock in the deep valley.

During the hot days of summer, the green hills that are mountainous and wooded seem to thrust straight out of the ground, with a steady breeze. A crystal stream with the paths winding along mountain ridges ran through the valley. The slight fall creates innumerable waterfalls of all shapes and sizes, as of bead chain or silk, the crystal water rippled over the moss-covered round rocks and dead woods.

The whole park area is 2.167 hectares, with forest coverage reaching 90%, is a natural view and the humanities view and have, with appreciating with plant for the main contents, the tour and rest to combine together in the large comprehensive park. It takes the natural primitive eco-tourism resources as the main body, assembling the collection forest ecology sightseeing traveling and the forest popular science education traveling into one whole.

The main scenic areas are 'Lvshi Valley' and 'The Hat of Buddhist Monk' that form a harmonious whole, constituting a beautiful and nature handscroll of painting. There are more than one hundred scenic spots that are comparatively well-known and scores of what might be considered as the natural scenic spot with the most magnificent scenery.

The splendid view of Tang Valley changes from season to season. In early spring, masses of azalea blooms on the beetling cliffs which have been dyed crimson by the autumn frost till are too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Large-sized rhododendron carpeted the summit of the cliff and peaks. During the high summer days, the wet ground is seen everywhere in the valley, covered with green moss. Hundreds of flowering tree and shrub compete with each other for the beauty of looks.

The magnolia tree was thick with the perfume, heavy with it, clogged with it. The stunning scenery in a mist looks so charming and graceful. In late autumn, the hills flame with maple leaves in the ten thousand mountains. The most bewitching scenery is the time when the sun is sinking behind the surrounding peaks and gilding the clouds.

At the time of the bitter winter, the falling snow receives guests, with ice cliff with a hundred thousand feet. The place is blessed with agreeable weather and four distinct seasons, which display much great characteristic scenery during the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The large maple trees of sweet and elegant are the spirit of fine maples, as of the long avenues of green and gold. It is renowned for the reason that it blazed out in a concentrated brilliance of redness very early. The leaves fall at the very latest, with the most brilliant redness. 

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