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The Marvelous School of Ancient China - Yuelu Academy

 2014-02-28    Sylvia Lai    Sights    Changsha    2823  

In the long history river of five thousand-years of China, there is one marvelous school called Yuelu Academy. Brought up a lot of famous celebrities, some of who have changed the Chinese history. So Yuelu Academy played a very important role in China.

Yuelu Academy is one of the four famous ancient academies of ancient China. Located on the famous mountain Yuelu mountain of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, Yuelu academy is not like other common famous school just famous for its quality of running a school. It is also well known for treasuring up large amount of cultural relics. Of all the relics, the carved stone made by a lot of outstanding artists of China are with great value.

The Academy was established in 976 AD in the year of Song Dynasty. Although has one thousand long history, Yuelu Academy keep well reserved. Yuelu Academy covers an area of 21000 square meters. The existing building relics are mostly built in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It mixed with China traditional garden style and innovated with some wide hall for teaching. There were always countless outstanding scholars, politicians, poets, literary giants, militarists sharing their knowledge and thinking here. A large amount of students were attracted here by its reputation. And it was really very proud to be chosen to be a student in Yuelu Academy in the past.

Yuelu Academy had brought up a lot of celebrities and many famous scholars had speech here to show their opinions. The one of the most famous one was Zhu Xi—a very famous philosophers in Song Dynasty of China. At that time, the principle teacher was Zhang Shi, who also a very outstanding scholars. Zhu Xi came to Yuelu Academy and had a deeply discussion to change their minds with Zhang Shi. Thousands of people were attracting to watch and listen the discussions for their great fame and prominent. It was said that due to the large amount of people, the water of well were once drunk up in Yuelu Academy. The philosophical thinking was not only affecting in ancient China, but also affects modern Chinese too.

Enduring more than 1000 thousand years, Yuelu Academy has witnessed the wars and the changing of Dynasties, it is even last much longer that a Dynasty due to its great reputation and opening mind. It is now renovated as a part of Hunan University, continues to play important roles in education of China.

Many people travel to Yuelu Academy to have an experience to feel the great atmosphere of studying and the culture. Moreover, as it is located in the Yuelu Mountain, it has lot of ancient traditional architectures to appreciate. Yuelu Mountain has very beautiful landscape. Before the academy was built, one famous poet of Tang Dynasty named Du Mu happened to pass by Yuelu Mountain and wrote a very beautiful poem for memoring the beautiful for Yuelu Mountain. So while appreciating the strong studying atmosphere in the old academy, you can also wander around Yuelu Mountain to see the splendid landscape. The most beautiful season is autumn, like the poem wrote:

I stop the carriage, loving the maple wood in the evening. The frosted leaves are redder, than the February’s flowers."

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