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The Most Beautiful Ancient Town-Tai‘er Zhuang

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Tai’er Zhuang is located in Zaozhuang city of Shandong province, on the bank of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. For Chinese, this two-square-kilometer town has been famous for a successful against the Japanese invaders about seventy years ago, one of the important victorious campaigns in the Anti-Japanese War.

The battle broke the myth of Japanese military invincibility and resulted in an incalculable benefit to Chinese morale. The town is getting more and more popular with its well-preserved ancient town look in recent years. Every year, hundreds of thousands tourists come here for sight-seeing, not only those from China Mainland, also some tourists from Taiwan.

We took a two days trip there in October last year. It was a nice road trip so we could drive leisurely and enjoy the scenic view along the trip. With the help of road signs, we got there without too much troubles. It was even better than what I had expected. The small ancient town was lying there silently, quiet and peaceful. It was like time travel when you wander aimlessly in it, suddenly you were faraway from modern world.

There were wetland parks, temples, museums and numerous traditional architectural buildings of bygone eras. It was surrounded by water, with great amount of bridges in different shapes and styles connecting the waterway. I took a fair amount of photos of those nice-looking bridges. Standing on the arch bridge and looking at the rivers and ancient houses, the beautiful scenery gave the delusion of me walking in Chinese paintings. Along the waterway banks, there were comfortable loft for short breaks, and delicious special food restaurant for a quick bite. It also had many ancient cultural relics where you could have a close contact with history.

Walking along the old streets, there were some street artists doing different performances like magic and acrobatics. What impressed me the most was an old magic guy, he only knew one kind of magic, using three sponge balls and three iron bowls. No matter how focused you might be, he could still do the trick and fool your eyes every time.

Other than that, there was some Liu-qin(Ancient Chinese musical instrument) performers playing ancient Chinese drama. In the main street there were many col artists and craftsmen, happily demonstrating there skilled crafts. It’s those spiritual culture that made people understand the vast and profound traditional culture of China. In the Memorial museum of the Battle of Tai’er Zhuang, there exhibited numerous photos, paintings and videos, all trying to retell the story of that special age.

You can’t miss enjoying delicious food when traveling around. For some people, food is even more important than traveling. I am the kind. There were candy fruits stick, barbecue, Taiwanese special flavor snacks and fresh fruits juice. But there was also a downside, all kinda expensive. It’s not like you eat those stuff everyday, so it’s acceptable.

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