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The Native Beauty of Shuichun River

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Located in Libo Autonomous County where Shui people are concentrated, and is the center of Shui people's politics, economy and culture, Guizhou Province, with the overall length of 6 kilometers, Shuichun River is part of Xiaoqikong Scenic Spot. It's somehow blessed with the most picturesque natural scenery of Zhang River. It's famous for the Bouyei ethnic group in Qiannan Prefecture of Guizhou.

The river winds along its banks where the blooming flowers in her light all look like snow. In this region mountain rises steeply and rivers crisscross. In white-water rafting visitors would sit in a small inflatable raft and go down a river at great speed. People would like to drift abruptly under the sunlight on the Shuichun River and gaze up at the spectacular living lightshow.

The rafts are being incessantly pounded by the river's currents which swell thus into huge waves, creating a stirring sight that can only strike awe in the beholder. Boating on the lake early in the morning or late in the afternoon, drifting along aimlessly on the blue waters amidst the reflections of the white clouds in the green water, one may suddenly realize how exceptionally peaceful and secluded is the river. Shuichun River is such a place where "people can tour in 'pictures' while boats sail on water." It is the beauty of movement difference in the Shuichun River.

Shuichun River springs from Moon Mountain primitive forest, flowing westward through Libo Autonomous County. Shuichun River consists of 29 distinctive gorgeous landscapes including dangerous peaks, steep cliffs, secluded caves, sandy beach, swift current, tranquil beach and thick forest. Among which Maniao Beach is the inlets beach formed by the river bed of huge rocks.

With the heights of 1.7 meters away from the sea-like expanse of the river, there's a spring as of the booze leaping out of the ground near the bold cliff by the shore, hence the name Maniao Beach. Despite the fact that its name lacks finish, it has the crystal-clear water which has a delicate sweet taste and is compared to sweet dew by some people. The mellow and sweet water brings joy to one's soul and refreshes the mind. The Bouyei people are saying that it's the fairy spring. It is whispered that people could obtain the good luck if they drink the water from the spring.

Shuichun River boasts many scenic spots, some of which are hidden in the valleys and some inlay the virgin forests. There's a water-eroded cave near the scarp-foot river bank. Story has it that it's the dragon-king residence, hence the name Dragon King Cave. There're numerous extraordinary rocks, craggy cliffs, secluded caves with numerous twists and turns.

Shuichun Valley with the overall length of 4 kilometers is located at the upper reaches of Shuichun village. The scenery within the valley was striking and picturesque, which would no doubt contribute to creating a superior condition for the development of aquatic tour industry. Shuichun River scenic area unfolds to us an aesthetic picture scroll of Bouyei nationality.

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