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The Natural Yingshan Forest Park

 2014-08-18    Young    Sights    Beijing    2062  

Yingshan Forest Park is such one kind of forest park that is closest to downtown area of Beijing City, located on the southwest outskirts of Beijing. It is surrounded on three sides by road and one side facing the river. It belongs to an offshoot of the Taihang Mountains; the topographical height in the area is undulating. Yingshan Forest Park is also the famous Free Life Base in Beijing.

The fragrant garden of flowers had donned her colorful mantle in the spring. The beautiful flowers spread as far as the eyes can reach. During the hot summer days, a refreshingly cool breeze is blowing in the woods, and the forest scent is very delightful, which makes the place become an ideal place for escaping the summer heat.

In late autumn, the slope is completely covered with red autumn leaves as red as fire, which makes it become the third red leaves tourist resort in the metropolitan area after the Fragrant Hill and Eight Great Sites Park. In a freezing winter, covered all over by dark-green cypresses and pines that are waving in the wind and braving the snow, it is a place of great scenic beauty.

These pine trees stand erect on the hillside, which could present a typical north China scene with the immense forest and the endless plains. Yingshan Forest Park is an all-the-year-round great tourist attraction for visitors to evaporate feelings. There're plenty of well developed supporting service facilities including the imitation wood and forest cabin with unique characteristics.

Apart from domesticating macaques, Yingshan Forest Park also introduced rare birds successively like the deer, blue peacock, guinea fowl, wild pheasants and goat, which formed the small zoo that took macaques as its main part. Meantime, other small creatures including squirrels, rabbits and pheasants can also be found in this forest. The park offers visitors opportunity to appreciate and feed numerous wild animals personally.

The local people grafted tens of thousands of wild jujubes that scattered within the woodland in the park onto thousands of jujube trees, so as to satisfy visitors' amusement of picking personally in autumn. If you went to the park for an outing in early spring, you could view the fresh green leaves, bright-colored flowers appeared to calmly await your approach, in order to express an inarticulate passion that had been around for a long time.

In summer, the multi-level forest trees and completed service facilities make one feel as though he had entered the best summer resort, all his close and sultry feeling went from him. In late Autumn, the tree species of gorgeous crimson leaves are clothed in fiery red, woods and forests that tinted with deep red could present a colorful scene of great charm.

In winter, the snow-capped trees presented the typical winter scene in the northern country. The garden had formed the self-consistent supporting service facilities with its distinctive characteristics. The Yingshan holiday center to the north of the park is the ideal place that is a perfect combination of restaurants, places of entertainment, business center and conventional hall.

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