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The Primeval Forests in the Gudong Falls

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Situated at the foot of Butterfly Mountains in Gudong Village of Dayu Town in Guangxi Province to the opposite bank of the Lijiang Waishi Wharf, the famous Gudong Forest Waterfalls is 8 kilometers away from the Lawn Tourist Road and about 25 kilometers from downtown Guilin. When you walked in the wind along the sinuous mountain stream, the bright colors could reflect in the crystal and limpid water of Gudong Forest Waterfalls.


The scenic spot is one multi-level connected waterfall that is constituted by the spring gushing naturally from underground. The water level underground springs are 180 meters higher than the Lijiang River and spout out to form unbelievably waterfalls. The story goes that it's the only fantastic multi-level waterfalls within the borders of China formed by underground springs.

The mean sediment concentration of the river is only 0.1 grams per cubic meter, the average annual flow 5 cubic meter per second. The Gudong falls are divided into 13 sequent falls with a total drop height of 90 meters and a mean width of 20 meters. The forest tourist area in the Gudong Forest Waterfalls with forest coverage reaching 96% has an area of about 300 acres, among which the primeval growth forest is about 2,000 acres. 

In the forest is thickly grown with towering ancient trees as well as the charming red maple leaves. Covered by luxuriant trees and richly-colored flowers, the whole Gudong Falls is like a beautiful scenic paradise. In spring, the green forest around the waterfalls is a good place, with birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers. Despite the fact that it lacked the intensely blue atmosphere of the rival vale, and its heavy soils and scents; the air in the forest was clear, bracing and ethereal.

It could be the most typical forest park that is close to the downtown area and had the widest area. It should be one pleasant ecological tourist stage for a mountaineering expedition, enjoying the enchanting scenery and the seclusion it offers, seeking the extraordinary and many more. Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery and luxuriant tree groves, there's the foliage of the huge tree, an inexhaustible supply of crystal-clear water that tastes both mellow and sweet throughout the year.

At the foot of the Gudong Forest Waterfalls is the rich luxuriant vegetation of tropical rain forests. Three thousand acres of maple trees and Mason pine trees with the pure and fresh smell would give the viewers a sense of coming back to the nature. The fresh air with the large amount of negative ion of oxygen in the Great Guilin tourism circle could form the natural eco-tourism sightseeing traveling scenic spot.

The maple trees in late autumn await the traveler. Ring upon ring of woods tinted with deep red can be savored from the beauty of the mountain path strewn with the red leaves. The most spectacular finding of the Gudong Forest Waterfalls is the mountain forest that has been densely planted with the maple trees. Every late autumn, here are the woods and forests that glow with autumn tints.

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