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The Real Charm of Pearl Beach in Sichuan

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Situated in the Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area of Sichuan province, the famous Pearl Beach is about 0.5km away from the downstream of Huashi Sea. And it is located at the junction of Rizegou and Nanrigou. Tranquility pervades primitive Jiuzhaigou all the year round, particularly at places around Pearl Beach at Rizegou where a profusion of colors is brought into full harmony with the beautiful nature.

The shoals that are covered with all kinds of bushes and leaves eased down to the water in a gently sloping stretch. The water currents run for about 100 meters flow through the multilevel falling valley. The spray thrown up by the currents was as thick as mist over the water on the sloping and jogged cream calcified beach. Beads of moisture look like every pearl in huge scallops under the warm sunshine.

From a distance, the shining droplets which splash from the calcified beach look much like pearls in a huge shell, that's the Pearl Beach, which rises 2,433 meters above sea-level, the width about 160 meters and covering an area of 95,000 square meters.

One of the most surprising things to emerge is that the beach is thickly covered with yellow mosses, but the yellow is not creamy. Conversely, one may see an occasional outcropping or two on the beach, but mostly it is covered by the rushing water so that when treading on it one feels as though treading on a super soft carpet.

Visitors still could find almost every kind of the magic beach experience a couple of years ago. However, it is now thought that they could only stand on the shore to feast the eyes on the beautiful scene. According to legend, a long long time ago there was a fairy who happened to go across Jiuzhai Valley fell in love with a Tibetan youth. He made up his mind to present her a string of pearls. And the fairy also sent the youth an ax that served as a return gift. The youth used the ax to excavate the canal through rock.

Later the story of splitting up a hill to let the water through was known by the God who was in an access of fury and dispatched troops and sent generals to catch the fairy. While in the process of their struggle, the beautiful pearl necklace round her neck was cut off; the pearls were falling in profusion on the ground and transformed in a moment into the beautiful Pearl Beach.

The rushing stream rolled down along the beach transformed into the famous Pearl Beach Waterfalls, which is the largest calcified waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, with the height of 21 meters and the top floor of 162.5 meters. It looks like the Milky Way dropping from the skies, surging forward with great momentum. For the beauty of the landscape in the renowned Pearl Beach, the modern writers and poets have used it as their themes with the result that it enjoys repute worldwide.

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