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The Spectacular Winter Scenery in Taxkorgan, Xinjiang

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Serene and solemn, untouched and holy, this is what Taxkorgan like in winter. If autumn in Taxkorgan is astonishing, then winter in Taxkorgan is unmatched. Travel to Taxkorgan in winter takes you to a pure ice and snow world without hassle and bustle but decorated by spectacles of rolling snow-capped mountains, soaring glaciers, crystal blue lakes, winding valleys, vast grasslands, the lonely ancient cultural relics, and the lively camels. But these are not enough, there are also the strong exotic flavored Tajiks with unique culture and customs.


Winter scenery in Taxkorgan provides a feast to the eyes and there are so many exceptional tourist sites that should not be missed out.

Muztagata Mountain, also known as Muztag Ata, is one of the most outstanding and typical sight in Taxkorgan’s winter. Reputed as “Father of Glaciers”, Muztagata Mountain is world-wide famous for its impressive soaring glaciers and mountain landscapes. Though it has an elevation of 7,546 meters, Muztagata Mountain attracts numerous tourists for the Pamirs expedition because of its much easier climbing routes.

Ringed by the towering Muztagata Mountain (7,546m) to the south and Mt Kongur (7,719m) to the northeast, the Karakul Lake is another highlight in Taxkorgan. Meaning Black River, Karakul Lake has amazing scenery with the reflection of Muztagata Mountain and the grazing yaks.


The Stone City that is located in about 100 meters north of Taxkorgan is the most famous historical relics in Taxkorgan. Though rugged and wild, the Stone City as the relics of fortress provides impressive views of the surrounding pastures and snow mountains.



The heavenly White Sand Lake on Pamirs with turquoise water and the fantastic reflection of the surrounding white sand dunes is another tourist site for winter sightseeing and photography. 


The Kunjerabe Pass that is located on Pamir Plateau in Taxkorgan with gorgeous snow scenery is a must see attraction when traveling to Taxkorgan in winter. It is one of the highest border passes in the world with an elevation of 4,733 meters.


Taxkorgan is the seat of Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County. Located in the east of the Pamir Plateau and the north of Karakorum Range, the Taxkorgan in the southern Xinjiang is on the borders of both Afghanistan and Tajikistan and close to the border of Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. 

Taxkorgan was an important stop along the ancient Silk Road and also it is a bridge to link Middle Asia and West Asia. With its ancient history, rich cultural relics, distinct landscapes, and strong exotic flavors of local Tajik ethnic group, the tranquil Taxkorgan is a popular tourist destination for tourists traveling to Xinjiang.

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