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The Splendid Guangdong Grand Canyon

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Located at the Yao Autonomous Dabu Town in Ruyuan County, the famous Guangdong Grand Canyon with an unearthly sight is truly a masterpiece. It extends to more than 15 kilometers, with the depth of over 300 meters. Vertical bedding joints in quartzite sandstone are well developed, perpendicular to the plane of the formation. It's considered as one deep canyon where a rushing river pours over mighty waterfalls.

It turned out to be the fact that the site of the Grand Canyon is only the small basin in a narrow gully. Affected by Yanshan movement, two rift systems including the shallow rift system and the deep rift system began to emerge. The great rift can form only if the part of this massif slowly subsides. This is just because volcanic activity beneath two geologic plates renews the earth's crust.

Guangdong Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in Guangdong Province. As the typical natural siliceous sand canyon landscape, the beautiful Dabu River wriggles like a colored strip through the Grand Canyon from southwest to northeast. From the cracks in the earth, the Dabu River pinched back at the sun. As soon as you enter into the beautiful canyon, one could see a river forcing its way out of a ravine sandwiched between towering mountains.

In this scenic area mountains rise steeply and rivers crisscross, which could without doubt add to the allure of the scenic spot. The grandeur of the Grand Canyon that is thickly grown with towering ancient trees transcends description. The place at present had been developed into a scenic spot. Many tourists from near and far are all attracted to the place by its reputation.

People can go to any scene by car in the picturesque place, on the far side of which the path led into some very thin and elusive mountains. When you came nearer, a great chasm that suddenly appeared on a level terrain gets your adrenalin pumping. Let you abruptly feel the grandeur of nature.

At the bottom of the canyon, one can see a majestic waterfall rushing down from the top, which could deliver a great sense of the imponderable mysterious and vaporous illusions to the valley. There is very little rain here during the cold winter months, the magnificent waterfall in spring and summer now had turned into the thin waterfall that could splash itself down into myriad of sprays, and finally turned into a colorful rainbow shining brightly in the clear light.

When you looked up from the bottom of the great canyon, you only feel falling into the mountain peaks and bold cliffs. The deep and quiet canyon suddenly became extremely mystery. People are saying that the clustered clouds and mist rose from the bottom of the Grand Canyon and gradually spread up in the morning or after a downpour.

In the early morning mists, the scene of the canyon was like some weird ballet from another world. For one short moment, many backpackers fall into the temptation of the canyon with a bewitchingly beautiful scene.

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