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The Splendor of Hongye Valley

 2014-07-06    Young    Sights    Jinan    2386  

Located in the southern mountains of Xiuchuan Township, Jinan City, Hongye Valley is the main conserved supply land of the spring in Jinan City. The average temperature is 5 degrees centigrade lower than the city proper. The vegetation coverage within the scenic area is very high. The famous Hongye Valley is a rare natural oxygen bar.

In the golden season of autumn, people could ascend the heights to look far into the distance, and they could feast the eyes on the beauty of the maple trees that had turned fiery-red, splashing color through the thickly forested hills. Here visitors could enjoy the crimson autumn scenery of ring upon ring of woods inflamed with autumnal tints.

Hongye Valley is not only blessed with the autumn scene of red flame-like foliage that displays the last splendor of the year before imminent fading, but also has the delightful views in all four seasons. As spring approaches, the red flowering peach and pear trees with blossoms white begin to send forth tender buds.

During the hot summer days, the whole valley is clothed with rich and varied vegetation; the mountain wind blow and gentle rains fall. In the cold wintertime, the valley all covered with pure white snow can be likened to an exquisite jade carving.

Hongye Valley is about 33 kilometers away from the downtown, occupying a ground space of about 4,000 acres. Green vegetation in which wild common smoketree predominates might intercept a large amount of precipitation on its leaves.

Every deep autumn, ten thousand mountains are all flamed with maple leaves; ring upon ring of woods that glow with autumn tints could be spotted anywhere in the valley. When the winds rose late in autumn, the red leaves did fall and lie on the ground like a red carpet, and from which the valley takes its name having a broad stretch of densely gorgeous crimson leaves.

The beautiful valley with the particular terrains and landforms as well as rich and various forest tourism resources, has created a natural paradise for biodiversity and unique mountain climate. In spring, the petals of many flowers expanded in the sunshine within the scenic spot. When a hundred birds' singing and dancing are available in midsummer, it has added more and more lush tinge to the valley.

When the autumn seasons coming, the valley were littered with perennial golden aster, red autumn leaves appear to be curving and flow like rivers. It is especially enjoyable in the cold winter as a cure for the "a hundred varieties of herbs still remain" thoughts. These beautiful sights proved the valley the worthy titles to the source of spring, the hometown of clouds, the world of flowers and the ocean of forest.

In the course of development, Hongye Valley with charming scenery, good service and featured position attracts a steady flow of visitors from every corner of the world. On entering the Hongye Valley, both foreigners and domestic travelers can feel all these charms of ecological culture and autumnal tints culture. 

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