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The Sweet Poetic Shuifeng Lake

 2014-05-20    Young    Sights    Jilin    1690  

Shuifeng Lake Scenic Area is one of the six largest Yalu River national famous key scenic spots, with the overall length of 162 kilometers, occupying a total area of 415 square kilometers. It has long been known as the first large freshwater lake in northeast China. With a vast expanse of water and the most panoramic views, the mountains and waters could add to each other's splendor.

I couldn't help recalling the Tang poet Bai Juyi's words: At sunrise riverside flowers blossom redder than fire, in spring green river waves grow as blue as sapphire. Clouds of wild ducks happily competed for water space with splashing bathers. Set against a brilliant background of blue sky, groups of soaring egrets were blended into the spacious waters. No dust has stained the water melting into the skies.

Shuifeng Lake Scenic Area is almost entirely located on the borders between China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is a great place to have a spacious view of the scenery on both sides of the river and taste distinctly ethnic flavors. The place is not just the homeland of live aquatic animals and plants, but also the natural baths on a grand scale, and very much more summer resort to travel to see beautiful mountains and rivers.

From a distance, green mountains roll over one another, the landscape here is beyond compare. The sky-kissing ancient trees which spill over the ground could merge with the blue sky. Below the water line are steep cliffs and tremendous spectacle of stored sandstones.

Landscape of lakes and hills could add radiance and beauty to each other. The idyllic Shuifeng Lake Scenic Area is a beautiful combination of spirituality, natural beauty and a taste of the exotic. With its unique exotic long corridor, the beautiful and charming is blessed with unsurpassed national territorial tourist environment. The surprises of the fantastic spectacle that nature gave us were pleasant at first: the curious spectacle on the island, the bay in deep elegant seclusion and many more.

The beautiful Shuifeng Lake Scenic Area holds not only vastly and capricious splendid scenery, but also spiritual metrical and naturally-formed enchanting artistic surroundings with much beauty to be enjoyed. The freedom to roam in the scenic area or the wilds as you please is essential to the Shuifeng Lake experience. The gorgeous lake in the afternoon usually lightens with crimson and golden hills in the background. The whole air was full of the carols of birds and tiny little fishing sails.

The poetic and pictorial surroundings of the fishermen singing in the evening would even incorporate the people into the magic and rarely beautiful foreign land with the unlimited charm. Apart from the primitive simplicity and natural properties of the ecological environment, the aesthetic picture scroll of the rich ethnic folklore could also make a tourist attraction. The well-known Shuifeng Lake Scenic Area is blessed with its unique glamour and charm, and used to be the finishing touch or finale of the fairy land. 

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