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The Tale of Mount E’mei

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When it comes to Chinese Kong Fu, the image of monks waving sticks in Saolin Temple (Dengfeng, Henan province), or Bruce Lee fighting against ten men with nun chucks may quickly pop up in your head. However, back in the old days, as early as Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), three schools dominated the realm of Kong Fu: Shaolin at Mount Song, Wudang at Mount Wudang, and E’mei at Mount E’mei. In these three schools, you are likely to be familiar with Shaolin as it still thrives today and has become a symbol of Chinese Kong Fu. Perhaps you don’t know about Wudang but I think you may hear of Tai Chi, which is a genre of Chinese martial arts that originated from the school of Wudang. E’mei might be the school that is less heard of. Today, let me tell you more about this Kong Fu school of E’mei.

Kong Fu hero novel series written by Mr. Louis Cha Leung-yung are a significant phenomenon in Chinese culture. The Kong Fu schools, characters and their special abilities appeared in the novels are widely known among Chinese people in various age groups. In the novel, the school of E’mei is depicted as a female school and is led by a nun called Madam of destroy. Slender swords are the major weapon used by the E’mei members. Madam of destroy was in possession of the Heaven Sword, one of the two most powerful weapons in the novel (the other was the Dragon Sabre). In one of the most famous battles in the Kong Fu novel series: the last battle on the top of Mount Light, Madam of destroy with her Heaven Sword leading the E’mei members wiped out lots of bad guys and Madam of destroy killed a major bad guy character in the novel.

The Madam of Destroy in the latest Kong Fu fantasy TV show

The school of E’mei was of great significance to the plot of the series. There are rules that the members of E’mei shall never fall in love and shall remain single for life. However, two of Madam of destroy’s favorite apprentices broke the rules in different novels of the series. One falls in love with a guy in the evil Kong Fu school, and madam of destroy had no choice but to kill her. Another’s heart is stole by the main hero of the novel Cheung Mo Kei. Madam of destroy didn’t kill that one but she died anyway.

Back to reality, according to history book, the school of E’mei started from the early Qin dynasty (221 BC–206 BC). The founder was Situ Xuankong. The symbolic martial art was the swordsmanship of the white ape. It was said that Situ was inspired by the movement of the white ape at Mount E’mei and created this swordsmanship. The school of E’mei was influential in the southwest region of ancient China. The members are not female only. The characteristic of E’mei Kong Fu is an amalgam of strength and agility, differing from Shaolin’s staunchness and Wudang’s gentleness. 

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