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The Unique Charm of Wolong Lake

 2014-05-20    Young    Sights    Liaoning    2042  

Situated in the Kangping County, Liaoning Province, Wolong Lake that is somehow blessed with the most picturesque natural scenery is 64 square kilometers in size, making it one of the largest fresh-water lakes in China's northeast regions.

Wolong Lake Natural Scenic Spot is one of the fifteen great scenic areas of Shenyang City. It's the largest plain freshwater lake within the boundaries of Liaoning Province and the second largest inland plain freshwater lake in northeast China. It has long been known as "The North Sea in Shenyang" and "The Bright Pearl in the Far North."

Wolong Lake is the green protective ecological screen of Liaoning Province. Running stream here is wide and deep. There're green mountains are confronted surrounding the lake where the sky and water meet. And the water of the lake rushed along between some green fields. Visitor could look into the distance the mighty Wolong Lake and near the foreground green fields with scattered trees. A beautiful northern-frontier plain scene greets the eye wherever one happens to be in the Wolong Lake Scenic Spot.

Wolong Lake is blessed with unsurpassed natural beauty by nature, deserving fully the name Lush Plain Southern Country Beyond the Great Wall. More and more people from all over the world are attracted by its unique human landscape, a wealth of historical sites and breathtaking natural beauty. It should be a wonderful experience to visit Wolong Lake with the boat floating on river during the summer days, then a cool breeze blew gently, without starting a ripple.

The scenery surrounding them has a beauty all its own, looking just like a Chinese landscape painting of mountains and waters, as the quaintly shaped lakes are encircled by mountains and lie interspersed with the spacious waters of the lake. During the spring and autumn every year, flocks of geese gather together and always fly in a V-shaped formation, which is sure to build a piece of picturesque scenery of emotion and poetic flavor. At the time of the bitter winter, seasonable snow is falling mixedly. The mountains covered with snow and ice as solid as a mirror will bring you to the world of fairyland, a snow-white and crystal clear world!

On the eastern shore stand Mount Pearl and Mount Tianlong. Here you could feast your eyes on the splendor and harmony of nature to your heart's content. It is a picturesque and wonderful lake, a retreat for lovers of winter escapes and a popular destination of the younger people who are much given to skating. The view afforded a vista pleasant to contemplate in all four seasons.

There're clear water, grass-covered ground and blue sky in the spring, water-plants rise like waves in the evening light. There're bird-song and red lotus in the boundless forest of green trees in the summer hot days, the creamy-white sails rolling and curving gently with the sparkling waves in glee; There're songs of fisherman, fried crabs and rush flowers flying everywhere in the golden autumn; In winter, covered by snow and displaying a typical north China scenery, the lake looks enchanting. 

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