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The Unique Guanyan Scenic Spot

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The Guanyan Scenic Spot was then built on the tourist area that had been cleared. What is known as the Guanyan Scenic Spot is situated at the middle reaches of the Lijiang River in Caoping Hui Autonomous Township that is only 29 kilometers away from the south of the city of Guilin. Its appearance resembled the ancient purple crown of the monarch, hence the name as Crown Cave.

It is a national scenic resort and historic site and the only developed tourist area in the Jinghua Reaches of the Lijiang River. The Guanyan Scenic Spot is one great water-eroded cave of subterranean stream, with an overall length of 12 kilometers, having its source in the famous Haiyang Mountains to the east of Guilin City. It's the tourist attraction of worldwide fame for its being full of poetic and pictorial splendor, simple and honest folkway.

As a result, the place is also referred to as "the Pearl of the Lijiang River" and "the Zero Distance Scenic Spot". More to the point, the Crown Cave Scenery Area in 2000 is just adjusted by Great World of Guinness world records office in Shanghai to be the renowned tourist area with the most tourist methods in cave tourist and one with the longest sightseeing slide.

The Guanyan Scenic Spot occupies a ground space of over 400 hectares. Inside the cave, there are the biggest sightseeing and vacation resort of Guilin marked by the underground river. Since the announcement of the opening and development of the Guanyan Scenic Spot, its unique tourism manner has been drawing the broad masses of tourists.

Nature is itself generally a sanatorium, the scenic area also gathers the sanatorium park, a conference centre and tourist holiday zone as one unity. It should be the grand and magnificent scenic spot that assembles a great many of colorful stalactites and stalagmites in a variety of shapes and sizes into one whole.

You could have the option to go on the tour around the cave either on foot, by moving the walkway, by rail train or by wood vessel on the subterranean stream. The whole itinerary would last almost 90 minutes. This circuit beauty spot gather, quite different travel for the great characteristic special features that cannot get much circuit.

From ancient times, the region of tremendous natural beauty has overwhelmed enormous quantities of famous writers and painters who have composed of vast quantities of poems and inscriptions in its praise. As a matter of fact, Guanyan scenic spot is the only place where you can dwell on some peculiar beauty like all the four famous aspects of the sights of Guilin—the mountains, the rivers, the caves and the rocks.

A few short minutes' boat through the underground river, you could enter into the beautiful bodies of water of the Lijiang River, and down the river you could also just reach the amusement park with unique ethnic features. Guanyan provides a cheaper and more effective means of going sight-seeing than any other cave all over the world. Its unique setting and feature makes it a magnet for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

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