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The Unique Moon Gulf in Xinjiang

 2014-06-09    Young    Sights    Xinjiang    2062  

Located within about 1 kilometer to the upper stream of the Wolong Gulf marched away westward along the Hanas River. Moon Gulf is the expansion of Wolong Gulf's meanders, also a landscape of high visual quality. The serene and beautiful Moon Gulf changed continuously in response to the water of Hanas River. The wonderful Moon Gulf is framed like a vast and bright pearl in its setting of Hanas River. 


The riverbed of the Kanas Lake here is formed by S shape gulfs, among which one gulf just looks like a half moon, hence the name as Moon Gulf. It winds its way through the valleys. And suppose that one throws a stone into water: the ripples will spread across the entire river, yet when the waves have died down and are gone, the deep and crystal-clear water of the Moon Gulf again becomes as smooth as a mirror, leaving no visible disturbance.

It is very curious to see that the two beds are almost the same as the two footprints within the upper gulf and the down gulf. They have often been called as the "footprints of the fairies." The beginning of one story about those two huge footprints is that the Dragon King in the West sea left the footprint after he recaptured the river monster in the Moon Gulf. The purpose of this action is to stamp on the vessel of the river monster and would never come out of the water again.


Another story is going about that Chinese ancient goddess Chang E exclusively came there to steal the tributes like lucid ganoderma, and she almost missed the time of going up to heaven. Thus she headed back hastily that she left her two footprints there. According to another tradition, Jenghiz Khan, who was regarded as "God's favored one" in those days walked with vigorous steps and left his footprints there when he sought after the enemy.

As a matter of fact, any story could cast an element of suspense and mystery over the Hanas River. Moon Gulf is the most famous tourist attraction in the Hanas River, which drew a graceful camber line, as of the curved moon high up in the sky falling into the wooded valley.
It's an all-the-year-round tourist resort for a lot of journalists and photographic lovers. From spring to autumn, from early morning to evening, a stretch of water moon ceaselessly changed the face full of the mysterious charm under the different climate effect and the soft sunshine. Those high peaks around the Moon Gulf are all very spectacular and stirring, which is mostly covered with dense forest.

There is a stage along the road with an elevation of 1,500 meters, which is said to be the best location to drink in the beauty of the landscape in the Kanas Lake. In late autumn, Moon Gulf has the most enchanting scenery and the most abundant colors, the snow on the mountaintop and blur mist both appear white, as well as the maple leaves and red leaves, it is much more the God's palette! 

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