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The Wonderful Optical Valley

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The Optical Valley square formerly known as Lu Lane or Lu Lane Square. Due to its large diameter at the center of the green island, it is also known as Lu Lane turn-plate. The square is located in the northern Hongshantou to the East Lake--the new technology industrial development zone of Wuhan. It is located in the intersection of the East of Luoyu Road, the West of Luoyu Road, Lu Mo Road, MinYuan Road, Zhuobao Road, South Road of Pedestrian Street and so on. What’s more, it is a collection of transportation, ornamental, entertainment in the same large green square. Located in the eastern gate of Wuhan and standing at the entrance of "China optical valley", it owns the most wonderful position. The "valley" reflects the concept of arc fashion building, the novel theme structure and the wonderful excelling natural design. From a distance, it is as steady as the Mount Tai. The square of the cylindrical columns settles on either side of it, where the curtain walls of the buildings gradually extends. It is like a big bird with open wings to fly.

The Developing Zone:

The Optical valley plaza is located in the new technology development zone in Wuhan East Lake. The East Lake new technology development zone is located in one of the three towns of Wuhan highly populated cultural area - Wu Chang, in which the coast of the East Lake locates. It covers an area of 50 square kilometers with beautiful scenery, the beautiful natural environment and the convenient transportation. The development zone in addition to many universities, research institutions and the national even the world, well-known high-tech enterprise is full of all kinds of related facilities. Such as public facilities with a large shopping mall, bank, hotel, hospital, health center, large conference and exhibition center, etc. Cultural facilities with theater, culture and art center, distance education center, international technology exchange center, international technology exchange center, information center, museum of photoelectron, talent exchange center, sports center, library, etc.

The Buildings in the Square

The most important content of the valley is to show the features of professional spirit, inclusive optical valley, services and the optical industry. The "Valley" with a total construction area of 73,000 square kilometers is divided into four layers and the floor underground whose function is rich in variety.

The Bookstore of Optical Valley

The Bookstore of Optical Valley lies in the underground layer of the square. It mainly manages science and technology books, supplemented by multi-functional small conference, salon, etc.

Group of Sculptures

Another character of the Optical Valley is that many were set up there, including Li Shizhen, Li Siguang, Qianbao, Fang Jun and so on, no matter how famous they are and what fields they are well-known in. These add to the attractiveness of and make a beautiful sight of the Optical Valley.
All in all, the optical valley in Wuhan is one of the most wonderful places, which deserves to go.

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